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5 Signs your hydronic system or boiler may need repair

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    1. Noise

    A common symptom of a boiler system that isn’t working quite right are strange noises coming from the system. In boilers, these can be banging pipes, gurgling or even slushing water through the system. If you notice your boiler making unknown noises, call to book boiler service today.

    2. Heating Problems

    No heat to all or a part of the home – When your heat is out and you have a boiler, it’s time to get service scheduled quickly. Sometimes when a home has hydronic heat, only part of the boiler system isn’t working. This could be a control, boiler pump or zone valve issue. To diagnose a complete or partial no heat situation on your home’s boiler system, call 262-367-3808 today.

    3. Water leaks

    Water is the key source of transferring heat to your home in a boiler or hydronic heating system. If you see water leaking from the boiler, piping, valves, pumps or any other part of the heating system, it’s best to get on the schedule for a boiler repair as soon as possible. Small boiler leaks can develop into large boiler leaks if left unaddressed. Call 262-367-3808 or book boiler pipe leak service here.

    4. Old boiler system

    If you have an older home with a boiler and hydronic heat and are looking for a trusted HVAC repair company to help service, repair or replace your boiler system, you have found the right partner! We have been serving the boiler repair needs of Waukesha and Washington County for over 80 years. We have the experience and longevity in the market to work on the most complicated older homes with boilers and hydronic heating systems.

    5. Zoning

    Adding zones or moving boiler pipes – During home renovations and remodeling, it is common to have to move boiler piping or add additional zones to the current system. Our Boiler Gurus™ can help work within your existing hydronic piping and control system to determine the best way to relocate, add, or remove a portion of your boiler piping system. To book boiler piping service call 262-367-3808 today.

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