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Did you know that your home's plumbing system has many components that should be serviced on an annual basis?  Diamond Club Members receive annual inspections of 150 different plumbing components, priority service and discounts.

Water Heaters

Did you wake up to a cold shower this morning?


Do you get a rush of cold or hot water when someone else in the home turns on a faucet?




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Plumbing service and repair experts servicing Waukesha County, WI and Washington County, WI

You know what really stinks? Having an unexpected plumbing problem and not knowing who to call. Well, you're in luck—you've found Team Austin!


We are Team Austin and if you are looking for a family-owned local plumber in Waukesha or Washington County, Wisconsin, then you are in luck! Austin Plumbing Company has been providing Plumbing, Well Pump, Water Heater, Sewer and Drain, and Water Conditioning service to Washington and Waukesha County for 80+ years. With two locations, one in Germantown, WI and one in Hartland, WI, our company and team is part of the local community and are standing by to help you with any plumbing related challenge you face. Take a few minutes to learn more about us and our deep heritage of award-winning plumbing and HVAC service.


Services We Provide

Austin Plumbing, Hartland and Germantown's Premiere Plumbing Company, provides a wide range of plumbing services, beyond drain cleaning service, water heater installation and repair and well pump service.


We also provide:


Water Heaters

Did you wake up to a cold shower this morning? Maybe it's a regular occurrence at your house. Whether you live in Brookfield or Oconomowoc and have an electric water heater or gas water heater...we can help! At Austin Plumbing we regularly preform water heater repairs and water heater installations.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you want your hot water to never run out, then a tankless water heater may be the best choice for you. A water heater that is tankless can provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water for your entire shower-taking, faucet-running and laundry day needs. A tankless water heater works best with soft water and/or city water found in areas like Brookfield, Hartland, Pewaukee, and Waukesha. On top of that, it's also the most energy efficient system in the hot water heater market.

Sump Pumps

Did you know that your sump pump works overtime during a torrential rainstorm and spring thaw, but then sits idol waiting for the next time it's needed? This idol time makes it extremely important that it be regularly maintained and tested so your sump pump works when you need it most. Most homes in Waukesha County have a sump pump, and having a back up sump pump is also a very good for details!

Toilet Repair

Toilet repairs can be very annoying and can be costly too! In fact, toilet repair is one of the most common calls we get for an emergency plumber. Toilets needing toilet repair can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day, and if you have city water like Hartland, Delafield, Waukesha, and Oconomowoc those gallons turn into dollars spent. Call Austin Plumbing for your plumbing service today!

Drain Cleaning

Some people think that any company with a drain-snake can unclog a kitchen, bathtub, laundry or sewer drain, and they are probably right. But not all drain cleaning techs are licensed plumbers. What difference does it make? What most people do not know is that a clogged drain is often a symptom of a bigger problem. Our plumbing technicians can not only clear your drain and determine the cause of the problem, but they can also offer long-term solutions to any underlying problems they may encounter. At Austin Plumbing we can solve plugged drain problems in Waukesha County cities like Delafield, Hartland, Oconomowoc, Sussex and Brookfield the same day! Also, severe roots often found in Waukesha, cause many drains to continuously Austin Plumbing Company we can help!

Faucet Repair

Faucet repairs can feel like an endless drip! Homes have several types of faucets, and one always seems to be in need of plumbing service or repair.  A leaky faucet over time can cause corrosion, cabinet damage, and can turn into a true 24 HR plumbing call! At Austin Plumbing Company, we service and replace all makes and brands of faucets and we answer our phones live 24 hours per day, seven days per week!

Well Pumps & Tanks

Many of us in the Lake Country area have well water in our homes, which means that we rely on a well pump and tank for our water supply. Your pump, whether it is submersible or jet, pulls the water from your well into the tank, which acts as a reserve. When someone activates a water system, such as the kitchen faucet or shower, the water gets pushed into your home via the tank's pressure system. If you've turned on your water and nothing comes out, or you're just getting poor pressure, there is a good chance you're having problems with your well system. However, the only way to know for sure is to call in Austin Plumbing Company to assess the situation.

Water Conditioning

Water softening in Waukesha County is an essential element to ensuring clean, uncontaminated water for washing and drinking purposes. People living in areas where well water is prevalent like; Sussex, Genesee, Wales, Dousman, New Berlin, Chenequa, North Prairie, Eagle, Mukwonago, and Big Bend are prone to hard water. Everyone has seen different symptoms of unfiltered water like the white, scaly deposits on your showerhead and sink caused by hard water. At Austin Plumbing, we understand the water quality challenges that exist in our area. If you suspect you have a problem with your existing water softener, an Austin Plumbing Technician can perform a thorough analysis of your water quality and design the perfect solution that will meet your needs, wants and budget.

Iron Filter Systems

An Iron Filter System is a piece of equipment designed specifically to remove iron from your water.  Unfiltered water heavy in iron has a strong sulfur or rotten egg smell. Also, iron water can leave residue and stains on your fixtures and sinks and can cause damage inside pipes, faucets, water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers. We have found areas like Nashotah, Elm Grove, Hartland, Stone Bank, Summit, Vernon, Merton, and North Lake to have higher levels of iron. However, iron can be found almost anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin. We understand water quality and the challenges at Austin Plumbing. If you suspect you have a problem with your existing water filtration system, call Austin Plumbing!

Septic & Sewage Pumps

Septic pumps and Sewage pumps are two distinctly different pumps that can be found in a home. If you have a septic system, mound system, or lift pump system you likely have a septic pump. It is important to have them regularly maintained, because when these type pumps is a mess!  At Austin Plumbing Company, we have extensive knowledge in the sewage/septic pump service. Call for more information, and don't forget to ask about Back Up Sump Pump options.

Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are a very specialized pumping system and it is important to know that very few residential plumbing companies can service them. Some specific areas such as Okauchee, Oconomowoc, Town of Oconomowoc, Summit, Town of Summit, and Dousman are more likely to have a grinder Pump. At Austin Plumbing Company we have extensive knowledge in servicing these special pumps like, Barnes, E-One and Environmental One grinder pump systems.  If one of these pumping systems fails, it is a true emergency! Call Austin Plumbing Company for help or to find out more.

Garbage Disposals

Is your garbage disposal working like it should? Does your Insinkerator have a terrible odor eluding from it? A worn out garbage disposal can be the cause of many kitchen sink drain stoppages. At Austin Plumbing Company we service and repair all major brands of garbage disposals.

Gas Piping

Need a gas line? Austin Plumbing regularly installs gas lines to all plumbing and heating equipment, and are only installed by licensed residential plumbers. The most common are gas water heaters, gas furnaces, gas stoves, gas dryers, gas grills, and modine heaters. Most homes built in the last 20 years have had gas piped to them, and over time the operation of the gas valves should be checked for safety.  Call Austin Plumbing Company for more information.

Pipe Replacement

Our expert plumbing technicians can re-pipe or repair any leak, drain pipe, or water pipe in your home. Whether its cast-iron drainpipe, galvanized drain pipe, PVC pipe, at Austin Plumbing Company our technicians are equipped with special infrared cameras that can locate those annoying leaks behind the scenes. Big or small, we do it to schedule today.

Well & Septic Evaluations

Are you buying or selling a home? Or maybe you just wonder if your drinking water is safe? Most real-estate transactions require a well and/or septic evaluation when buying or selling a home. Also, It is recommended by the Department of Natural Resources Drinking Water branch to have your well water tested annually. At Austin Plumbing Company we are unique in that we can test and check both! Our Master Plumbers are knowledgeable in all the current code requirements by the state of Wisconsin. Call to schedule yours today.

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