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Water Conditioning Service Makes Water Healthier, Smell Good, and Taste Scrumptious

You deserve top shelf water.

Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air is the water conditioning contractor of choice for Southeastern Wisconsin’s most persnickety homeowners.

Wisconsin water is no joke and neither are we when it comes to providing better tasting, cleaner, odor and chemical free water to our clients. Well water and city water are no problem for our technician’s skill, knowledge and craftsmanship. Here is why Team Austin is the market leader in water conditioning, water filtration and drinking water systems in all of Southeastern Wisconsin.


80+ years and running as a top shelf water conditioning contractor

Our team has been serving the water conditioning needs of Wisconsin for almost a century. When you want tried and true water conditioning services, trust Team Austin.


Meticulous plumbers = meticulous water

Plumbers as clean as you want your water. The water gurus at Team Austin are the first choice for people who demand clean, good tasting and odor free water in Wisconsin.


Responsive - Local - Knowledgeable

We serve the water filtration and water conditioning needs of Southeastern Wisconsin from two locations. We're responsive and the water conditioning contractor nearby when you need us.


Cleaner, healthier, aesthetically pleasing water for pennies a day

Clean, safe, and healthy water is an investment you won’t regret. To help make that investment easily affordable we have helpful financing options available on water conditioning equipment installations.

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Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air’s Water Conditioning Services

Southeastern Wisconsin’s premier water conditioning company, trust the quality of your water to the Team at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air. Learn how our water conditioning services can give you soft water, iron free water and drinking water free from PFAS and other chemicals.


Iron Filter Repair


Water Softener Repair


Iron Filtration System Replacements & Installation Water


Softener Replacements & Installation

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Common Elements That Cause “BAD” Wisconsin Water and How Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air Removes Them

Iron is naturally occurring in most private wells in our area. Considered an aesthetic contaminant, it mainly affects the taste and appearance of water rather than cause any detrimental health issues. Wisconsin DNR recommends treating iron levels above .3 PPM.

Effects of iron in water

  • Poor water pressure and flow
  • Clogs plumbing
  • Rotten egg smell in water 
  • Permanent red staining of plumbing fixtures
  • Bad tasting water

Common treatment methods

Whole home treatment is possible with an iron removal system. Outside hose faucets are typically left untreated.

The midwest is known for its abundance of water and also for the extreme hardness of our water. In fact, some of the hardest water in the USA can be found right here in Wisconsin! Hardness elements such as calcium, magnesium and limestone are picked up and get bound to the water during its journey in our limestone rich aquifers. 

Effects of hard water

  • Dull hair and clothes 
  • Scale and build up on fixtures and appliances
  • Spots on shower doors and drinking glasses
  • Plumbing fixture issues
  • Water heater failure 
  • Reduces effectiveness of dishwasher and washing machine 

How to remove

Whole home treatment is possible with a water softener. Outside hose faucets are typically left untreated.

Chemicals are added to city water to kill bacteria and parasites commonly found in city water. The most common chemicals used are chlorine (bleach) and chloramine (bleach + ammonia).  

Effects of chemicals in water

  • Harmful when ingested and absorbed through the skin while bathing 
  • Potential moderate to severe health risks
  • Bad taste 
  • Foul odors 
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Reduces life of hair dye and other hair products
  • Damages scalp
  • Increased cancer risk 
  • Linked to rectal and bladder cancer 
  • Animals are sensitive to chemicals just like humans

How to reduce

Whole home reduction of disinfection products and chemicals is possible through modern whole house chemical reduction filters.

Microorganisms such as bacteria and parasites can be found in both city and private well water. Some examples of microorganisms are Salmonella, E. Coli and Cryptosporidium. Traditional harmful compounds found in drinking water that many people aim to remove from water before consuming are arctic, nitrates, radon, fluoride, and pharmaceuticals (human and animal drugs).  

Effects of contaminants in drinking water

  • Severe health risks

How to reduce

Although whole home filtration for this category is possible, due to the cost and the fact that these items are only harmful if ingested, it is most common to treat drinking water only. Since some in this category are alive, controlling bacteria and other living things in water requires killing the compound. Unfortunately, the go-to treatment method used is pumping chemicals into the water. 

Other methods of purifying water include UV light and other technologies that kill bacteria. Keep in mind, once bacteria is dead, it's not gone. It's just dead and in some cases morphs into a different chemical compound as a result of being treated chemically. Regarding heavy metals, medication and other toxic compounds, the best method to remove or reduce these levels is through extreme filtration, which can be difficult to do for an entire home's water supply.

We’re the Water Softener Company You Are Looking For

Water conditioning, water filtration, and iron removal: all of these things go hand-in-hand with our core plumbing services. Not only does the way your water taste, feel and smell affect you, but it affects the life of your plumbing system and appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers. Our plumbing experiences along with our knowledge of Southeastern Wisconsin water makes us the water softener company you're looking for.

Local and experienced with over 80 years of experience in water filtration and conditioning

Fast water conditioning service- we are sure to have a water expert and truck nearby

We carry tried and true water treatment equipment

Team Austin: A Water Treatment Company That Understands Your Water and Your Needs

When you choose Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air as your water treatment company, you are guaranteed to be dealing with a company that not only understands your water but will also take the time to understand your water needs. We’re local and have been providing soft water, chemical free water, and ironless water to Southeastern WI for generations.

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Water Conditioning & Filtration FAQs

Hard water is water that contains a high level of dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. These minerals can cause a buildup of scale in plumbing fixtures, appliances, and pipes. Hard water can also make it difficult to get soaps and detergents to lather, leading to the need for more soap and detergent to get things clean.

A water softener is a device that removes the minerals that cause hard water. A water softener works by exchanging the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. This process is called ion exchange. The result is soft water that reduces soap scum, extends the life of your appliances, and helps you feel clean.

There are several benefits to installing a water softener:

Extended Appliance Life 

Hard water can cause damage to water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers. A water softener can extend the life of these appliances by preventing the buildup of scale.

Energy Efficiency 

Soft water is more energy-efficient than hard water. Appliances such as water heaters and washing machines use less energy when they are not dealing with the effects of hard water.

Better Feeling Skin and Hair 

Hard water can cause dry skin and hair, and no one likes that! 

Cleaner Plumbing Fixtures 

Hard water can leave a buildup of scale on plumbing fixtures, making them difficult to clean. Soft water can prevent this buildup, making it easier to clean plumbing fixtures.

Better Water Pressure

Excessive mineral buildup in your plumbing reduces the flow of water to your fixtures causing your water pressure to weaken over time. Water softeners keep your water flowing free from obstructions.

Yes we can. We can install a drinking water filtration system that will greatly reduce PFAS in drinking water.

The most complete resource we have found regarding PFAS in water is produced by the EPA. Read here to learn more.

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