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Need a new water heater?

When homeowners suddenly lose access to hot water because their heater has stopped working or is leaking, they trust Austin Plumbing Heating & Air more than anyone else. We’ve been the leading choice for water heater repair and installation in Washington and Waukesha counties for over 80 years because we know that when you’re without hot water, every minute counts.

Our emergency hot water heater services come with a “Same-Day Hot Shower Guarantee”, which means that when you choose us to replace your water heater, we will get it installed the same day you call or the service fee is free.

Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge about all types and models of water heaters and will be able to provide you with your best options based on the current state of your water heater, the short- and long-term costs you might be facing, and your family’s needs. Whether you need a tune-up, repair, or replacement, we’re here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Water Heater Replacement

We install more replacement water heaters than anyone else in Washington and Waukesha counties, which means we see which brands of heaters are leaking and at what age they start leaking. 

We don’t believe that one brand is "better" or lasts longer than another in the market. However, we’ve found that some brands offer much better support with technical assistance and local distribution, which is why it's more important to choose a trusted repair and replacement company than the brand name on the water heater.

A visual inspection of the water heater is required before a call can be made to replace a water heater.  But there are warning signs that your water heater may be on its last legs. Other than the obvious water leaking around the base of the heater, other warning signs include running out of hot water or water heaters that make a rumbling noise.

It depends. In most cases, the water heater is the exact same whether it comes with a 6-year, 9-year or 12-year warranty. Any money spent buying a 6-year heater versus a 12-year heater warranty is much more like insurance than investing in a better product. 

Ultimately, you decide what is right for you and your family, but most clients decide they are better off installing a unit with a 6-year warranty and joining our Austin Club membership over spending extra money on an extended warranty.

We’re excited to get your hot water heater installed, but since we didn't supply the heater and it's not supported by professional plumbing distributors, we cannot warranty or participate in the warranty in any way.

We have installed water heaters in Waukesha and Washington County for over 80 years and have found that 6-10 years is the normal lifespan for a water heater. 

Of course, 40-50 years ago that number would be different. Many things other than manufacturing have contributed to the shorter life expectancy of water heaters today, such as water pressure, water quality, hot water expiation, and hot water demands.

If you contact us for same-day water heater repair, and we fail to get your new water heater installed and operational on the same day you call, our service fee is free. A call for service must be received before noon to qualify and is not valid on 75 gallon or non-stock water heaters.

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