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Farewell to our Beloved Founder

Posted by Tom Smith on Mon Jul 1st, 2013 at 3:32 pm


The family at Austin Plumbing Company recently lost its founder and my father, Austin Smith. At 91 years old, he had a long, happy life filled with love and family, including his wife, six children, 13 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.


My dad started Austin Plumbing Company in the early 1960s, back when business agreements were done with a handshake. He passed that honesty and pride in responsibilities on to myself, and as the company now enters its third generation, I'm making sure to pass that vision onto my son, Eric.


Austin was proud to see what I had done with the company and the upstanding reputation Austin Plumbing Company continues to possess. After his retirement, he was still passionate about Austin Plumbing Company, making regular visits to the office to see the staff.


My father was a kind man—honest, caring, and compassionate. He didn't go to bed until the last customer was taken care of. He taught me early on that you need to help people who need you day or night, whether or not its convenient for you. That's just the kind of man he was—and that's one of the principals this company was founded on.


I promised my dad that his legacy would be not forgotten, and I will continue to honor that promise. We are going to miss him more than words can express, and are so grateful for his guidance, love and support through the years.

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