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Posted by Tom Smith & Pete the Smell Good Plumber on Mon Dec 11th, 2017 at 8:43 am


One of our Facebook followers recently asked us what she could and what shouldn't be put down a garbage disposal. Pete, one of our extraordinary "Smell Good Plumbers" offered these recommendations:


"Just like anything else, garbage disposals have limitations. Oftentimes, clients think their disposal can handle anything they thrown down it—after all it is called a 'garbage dispose-ALL!' However, time and time again I see the same things causing issues with disposals. Here's what I share with clients regarding what is safe to grind and what the problem-causing culprits are."




  • Citrus peels (small pieces)
  • Ice (will keep blades sharp)
  • Soft vegetables/fruits
  • Anything soft (small pieces)


  • Excess amounts of pasta/rice
  • Eggshells
  • Any vegetable/fruit peels (aside from citrus)
  • Celery or root vegetables
  • MeatCoffee grounds
  • Bones or fruit pits/seeds
  • Seafood peels/shells

Pete adds, "The items noted above in the 'DO NOT GRIND' list are better off in the trash than in your plumbing system. When these items are ground up, they can and will stick to the inner walls of the drainpipes leading away from the disposal. Over time, much like the way an artery gets clogged by plaque, it will cause your drain to back up."


The following is a list of recommendations from Smell Good Plumber Team on keeping your disposal nice and clean.

  • Cut items into small pieces (citrus peels, soft veggies/fruits)
  • A couple of ice cubes, every so often, will keep the blades sharp
  • Run water before, during, and after grinding
  • Small bits of citrus peel can keep it smelling fresh
  • Remember, moderation is key!

The advice Pete shares along with everyone on the Smell Good Plumbing Team, comes from many years in the plumbing trade, in addition to their constant desire to help our clients in any way they can!


If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal or any other plumbing related issue, call the Smell Good Plumbers at 262-367-3808. We're here to help!

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