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Posted by By: Tom Smith on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 at 1:25 pm



Let's face it...selling a home can be very stressful, especially preparing your home for the sale process.


Austin Plumbing performs many well and septic evaluations for home sales, and we often get asked a common question from our clients... "Why do I have to have my septic tank pumped for a real-estate inspection? I had it pumped less than 6 months ago."  Thats a great question, and can be confusing for the homeowner who has complied with the once every two-year pump requirement by County.  


The answer is that real estate transactions have their own set of standards for inspections upon the sale of a home. The biggest reason for a septic tank to be pumped at the time of visual inspection is to be able to observe the tanks integrity. Some of the things that we look for are; that the tank walls are free of any cracks, check that the septic tank cover does not have any cracks, and ensure the baffles are intact and working properly. The other important observation that is done by the inspector is to make sure there is no drain back or back-flow of water from the leech bed back to the tank.  If this condition were detected it could mean that the septic system is saturated and/or possibly failed.  If the tank was not pumped at the time of the inspection, it obviously would be impossible to observe any of those conditions.


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