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fixing smelly or rotten egg smell in hot water

We fix smelly hot water!


We know! Showering in rotten eggs is awful, which is why if notice your hot water or cold water starting to smell like rotten eggs, you can rely on Team Austin to identify the cause and provide a solution.


What causes hot water to smell like sulfur?

Depending on the age of your water heater, the smelly or rotten egg smell in the water can be a symptom of several different water quality issues, or it can just be the normal breakdown of the factory installed magnesium anode rod that is part of every water heater.

How to remove rotten egg/sulfur smell from hot water

Our Team has extensive experience diagnosing and solving the root cause of rotten egg odor in hot water tanks throughout our entire service area. If you are experiencing odor related issues with your water heater tank, simply give us a call at 262-367-3808 or Book Online.