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Soft Water Gone Hard? Expert Water Softener Repair & Service Is a Phone Call Away

Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air is southeastern Wisconsin's nearby water softener repair company. Our water softener repair techs service and repair soft water system and water softener units.


Quick & accurate water softener repairs

Having hard water can cause major problems with your plumbing system, which is why Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air can respond quickly to repair your leaking or not working water softener!


We are your local and nearby water softener repair company

When you have a water softener breakdown, you are likely looking for close and local service. With our two shops, one in Hartland and one in Germantown, a water softener repairman is always nearby.


We service and repair most water softener makes and models

When it comes to the major brands of water softener equipment, Team Austin has you covered.

A/C replacement and installation by Top Rated Technicians and service b

Expert diagnostics & upfront pricing

Our techs will identify the root of your water softener problem and provide you options and pricing up front so you can make an informed water conditioner repair decision.

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How To Tell if Your Water Softener Isn’t Working

For many, when their water softener stops working, it's fairly obvious. But for some, it's hard to tell if the water is as soft as it used to be. Here are some telltale signs your water softener may not be working like it should.

The water feels hard

When a water softener needs service or repairs, most clients describe a sticky feeling after showering or washing their hands.

Soap doesn’t lather like it did

Soft water makes all soap work better and come to a rich lather with less soap. If your soap doesn’t suds up like it did, your softener may need service.

Water softener isn’t regenerating

The regeneration process is how a softener recharges itself so that it may continue to soften your water. If the water conditioning unit or water softener stops regenerating, you likely are in need of water softener repairs.

Water pooling around water softener

Leaking on or around water softeners is typically not a great sign and usually means a service call is needed.

Water softener not using salt

Your water softener needs to consume salt to recharge the softener media during its regeneration. When your softener stops using salt it means it's no longer softening your water and a softener repair is needed.

Water softener stuck in regeneration mode

When your softener won’t stop regenerating, you will notice a constant flow of water under pressure to the softener drain. If your water softening unit is stuck in regeneration you will need to bypass the softener and call for service.

Steady flow of water to the softener drain

If the inside of the water softener control head is damaged you will notice a steady flow of water through the softener drain. Not only is this a waste of water, but a softener that is dripping from the drain line is a sign of a damaged water softener and requires a repair.

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What To Expect During Water Softener Service

  1. Booking a service call to have your water softener looked at is fast and easy- call 262-367-3808.
  2. Our plumber will troubleshoot your water softener, test your water for hardness and iron and present any needed repairs and pricing for the repair to you upfront before doing any of the work.
  3. Provided we have the parts on board our warehouse on wheels, we will get started making your water softener repair or complete the needed services. 
  4. Many water softener repairs and services are able to be performed in one trip. However, if your softener repair requires special order parts, we will need to order the parts and return to complete the repair. 
  5. Most water softener service calls are completed in 1.5 to 2 hours.

Booking repair service for your water softener or water conditioning equipment is fast and easy with Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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Water Softener Repair FAQs

The plumbers at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air sure do, but this isn’t always the case with all plumbers. Water softeners are speciality equipment so many people think the only solution is a local water softener repairman. If you're in Southeastern Wisconsin, you are in luck! If your water softener is in need of repair, trust Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.

There are many contributing factors to the life of a water softener, especially when it comes to what kind of Wisconsin water it is softening. A safe range for the useful life of a water softener is 10-15 years.

There are some brands of water softeners that make getting parts difficult. Many of the major manufacturers and water conditioning franchises (Soft Water, RainSoft, Water Rite, Culligan, Zerosoft, Kentico, Hellenbrand) source the major components that make up a water softener system and filter bed materials from the same very narrow group of manufacturers and suppliers. However, if you have a water softening unit that requires special parts, you may want to consider getting a machine that is easier to get parts for in the future.

The way a water softener is designed should be based on the water that the unit is treating. Therefore, applying a water softener designed for city water on a private well is typically not a great choice.

The total cost of the softener repair will vary greatly depending on all of the services and parts needed. Don’t worry, we will tell you up front how much the repair will be! It's typical for water softener repairs to be between $350 and can be well over $1000. If you’re looking at major repairs, you may want to consider investing in a new water softener.

Ultimately you get to decide if a water softener makes sense for you and your home. Our job is to troubleshoot the unit and provide the water softener repair options.

Always use good quality, pure solar salt. Avoid softener pellets and other salt products. 

Keep the salt tank full. Letting your softener run out of salt decreases the life of the media bed.

Make sure your softener regenerates at least one time a month. This will keep the media bed fluffy and prevent channeling.

It sure is. If you suspect your water softener isn't working, sometimes a good first step is to put it into a manual regeneration before calling for service. If nothing else, it’s a nice diagnostic step to help us determine what the root cause of the water softener breakdown is so the correct service is performed.

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