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Water Softener Installation - Replacement Water Softeners the Austin Way

There are many factors that go into determining if you should invest in a replacement water softening system. Factors such as age, how much salt your water softener is using and how much hardness is getting past your existing unit are all factors. To find out if you really need to install a new water softener, book an appointment with a water expert. 

We will send out a fully trained plumber to evaluate your existing water softener and most importantly to evaluate the water in your home.

During our onsite evaluation of your existing water softener and individual water conditions, we will help you design a new soft water system to take care of the hard water conditions that you are facing, as well as accomplish any other water filtration needs that you have.

If you find yourself in need of an emergency water softener installation, we can likely fit you on our schedule for install the same day. Once you select the water softener replacement that best suits your needs, our team will start staging the equipment and other installation materials necessary and preparing for the installation day.

An exciting day! The soft water that you and your plumbing system have been craving is finally here! Our install team will arrive at your home based on the scheduled appointment and will begin by protecting your home with drop cloths and taking other precautions to ensure your home is protected through the softener installation. Once the installation starts, the water will be shut off to the home for 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the installation. Most replacement water softener installations are completed in around 4 hours. More complex water softener installations can take up to a day to complete.

Only after you are completely satisfied with our install will we complete all post installation paperwork and collect payment. Our office will log the equipment information in our system, ensuring that the warranty on your new water softener is kept valid.

Signs You May Need a Replacement Water Softener

You are unhappy with your water

Repairs to your existing water softener exceed $500

Your existing water softening system is more than 10 years old

Water is pooling around your water softener

Water is leaking out of the salt tank

Water softener is not regenerating

Your unit is using a ton of salt but the water is still hard

How Much Does a Replacement Water Softener Cost?

There are many variables that go into determining the true total cost for a replacement soft water system. The variables that impact the cost of the installation the most are: water quality, equipment, existing plumbing system arrangement, size of the home and existing water system and other installation needs.

A replacement water softener for a home with average water quality will typically range from $1800-$2100 depending on the size and needed plumbing system modifications.

For homes with extremely hard water or large water demands, a typical water softener installation ranges from $2100- $2800.

Water Softener & Soft Water Systems - Additional Factors to Keep in Mind

If a replacement water softener isn’t properly sized for the capabilities of your plumbing system, it will not provide the soft water that you are expecting. This is why is critical to hire a plumber such as Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air to design and install your new water softener.

The water quality in Southeastern Wisconsin varies greatly from town to town. Keep in mind that a water softener just removes hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Pre-softener filtration and post-softener filtration may be needed to achieve the total water quality you are looking for.

Water softener efficiency is critical when it comes to salt consumption and how frequently the system regenerates. Trust Team Austin to help you design a soft water system that meets your efficiency needs.

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80+ years of providing soft water to SE Wisconsin doesn’t happen by accident!. Wisconsin knows Team Austin as a premier water conditioning contractor.

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Water Softener Installation FAQ’s

Water hardness is a local problem, which is why it's important to select a local company with local manufacturing. Our water conditioning equipment is built in Madison, Wisconsin by a company who has been building water softening equipment and providing soft water to Wisconsin since 1936.

We will happily install an owner supplied water softener or water conditioning system. However, there are some major downsides to equipment purchased on the internet and in home improvement stores, such as serviceability and the design of the equipment for the uniqueness of our water.

If the overall cost of a soft water system is a concern for you, then we would advise against renting a water softener. Renting a water softener for its entire useful life is the equivalent of buying two to three softeners in the same time period.

Over the years, water softener franchises have given their best efforts to create the illusion that the brand of equipment selected matters in the overall quality of your water filtration. Many of the major manufacturers and water conditioning franchises (Soft Water, Rain Soft, Water Rite, Culligan, Zerosoft, Kentico, Hellenbrand) source the major components that make up a water softener system and filter bed materials from the same very narrow group of manufacturers and suppliers. It's because the components are basically the same from brand to brand that we have seen no correlation in quality or life expectancy from one brand vs. the next. We have, however, found that the proper design and sizing of your soft water system will play a major role in the life expectancy and user experience of the water conditioning system.

The term saltless water softener is really a play on words because without salt, you can't make water soft. What saltless water softeners really are is a device that attempts to change the physical properties of the water to make it feel like soft water. There certainly are benefits to these types of water conditioning systems. Call us today to find out if a saltless water softener is the right solution for your water needs!

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