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Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air- Southeastern Wisconsin’s pros when it comes to removing iron and rotten egg odor from water. Experts when it comes to service, repair and installation of iron filtration systems, we are always nearby and ready when your iron filter needs repair or maintenance.


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Iron will ruin plumbing fixtures and cause staining and other problems throughout the system. Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air can respond quickly to repair your faulty iron filter.


We are your local and nearby water softener repair company

When you have an iron filter breakdown or it's just not working quite right, you are likely looking for a nearby local company. With our two shops, one in Hartland and one in Germantown, an iron curtain repairman is always nearby.


We service and repair most iron filter and iron curtain makes an models

When it comes to the major brands of iron filter and iron removal systems and equipment, Team Austin has you covered.

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Expert diagnostics & upfront pricing

Our techs will identify the root of your water softener problem and provide you options and pricing up front so you can make an informed iron filter repair decision.

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How To Tell if Your Iron Filter Needs Repair

Depending on how much iron and the type of iron you have in your water, it may be apparent that your iron filter needs service. For some, the differences in the water may be subtle. Here are some telltale signs your iron filter needs a repair or needs maintenance.

The water smells like rotten eggs

Rotten egg odor is a commonly occurring symptom with iron in well water. If you start to notice your water smelling like rotten eggs or sulfur, there is a pretty good chance your iron filter needs service or a repair.

Iron bleed through or staining

A properly functioning iron filter removes iron from the water before it gets to your fixtures. If you start to see red staining in your sinks, toilet tanks and bowls, your iron curtain is passing iron and needs to be repaired.

Iron filter doesn’t regenerate

Whole home iron filters go through a regeneration process similar to a water softener but for different purposes. If your iron filter doesn’t go through a regeneration cycle every 2-3 days, the unit will need to be repaired.

Water pooling around the iron filter tanks

Leaking on or around iron filters and iron curtains is usually not a great sign and typically means a service call is needed.

Low water pressure and flow

If your iron filter aeration tank or filtration bed gets plugged with iron, it will dramatically decrease the water pressure and flow through your plumbing system.

Steady flow of water to the iron filter drain

If the inside of the iron filter controller is damaged, you will notice a steady flow of water through the drain. An iron filter that is dripping from the drain line is a sign of a damaged iron filter and requires a repair.

Air and sputtering in water lines

Malfunctioning valves inside an iron filter can allow trapped air to escape the iron filter and get into the system. Sputtering from faucets can be a telltale sign your iron filter needs maintenance or repairs.

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What To Expect During Iron Filter Maintenance or Service

  1. Booking a service call to have your iron filtration system, iron curtain or iron filter repaired is fast and easy- call 262-367-3808.
  2. Our plumber will troubleshoot your iron filter system, test your water for hardness and iron and present any needed repairs and pricing for the repair to you upfront before doing any of the work.
  3. If the iron filter repair parts are onboard one of our service trucks, most repairs and services are able to be performed in one trip. However, if your iron filter repair requires special order parts, we will need to order in the parts and return to complete the repair. 
  4. Most iron filter maintenance, repair and service calls are completed in 1.5 to 2 hours.

Booking repair service for your iron filter equipment is fast and easy with Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.

Iron Filter Repair, Service and Maintenance FAQs

We sure do. In fact, many of our clients prefer to call Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air because they were able to work on their iron filter as well as the rest of the plumbing system.

The useful life of an iron filter with the high iron we have in Southeastern Wisconsin well water is 6-8 years. The size, iron content and maintenance regimen has a lot to do with how long these systems last.

Iron curtain manufacturers suggest that their systems should be maintenanced every 4-6 years. We have found that this number greatly differs based on water usage, iron content, etc.

A whole home iron filter is more of an appliance than a filter and if an iron filtration system isn’t designed for well water, not only will it not work correctly but it will cause you additional problems.

The total cost of the iron filter repair will vary greatly depending on all of the services and parts needed. Before we begin any work on the iron curtain system, we will provide you pricing for the repair first. Most iron filter repairs will be around $450, but they can be well over $1000. Should your iron filter require major repairs you may consider an iron filter replacement.

An iron filter is a sacrificial part of the plumbing system and will eventually need to be replaced. The age of the system, iron level, and history of the machine should all be considered when deciding to repair vs. replace your iron curtain system.


Iron Curtain Water Filter - What Are They?

The Iron Curtain Filtration System is an iron filter made by Hellenbrand. Their iron filter boasts being able to “filter out iron and reduce rotten egg odor without the use of chemicals”. At the time iron filtration became a necessity in our market, most water conditioning contractors were installing this product, which is why it's one of the more common units in existing homes. Today there are dozens of iron filters on the market that not only do a great job of iron filtration but do so without requiring regular maintenance or expensive service calls.

Pros of the Iron Curtain System:

Removes iron

Reduces rotten egg odor

Good flow rates

Cons of the Iron Curtain System:

Most commonly uses an air compressor which leads to expensive repairs and noise

Prone to requiring routine maintenance

Typically seen in a two tank design which takes up extra space

Cost- because of the double tank design and air pump, iron curtain systems tend to be a more costly iron filtration system


Tips To Extend the Life of Your Iron Filter

How well your iron filter works has a lot to do with your well water pressure. Simply getting another few PSI out of your well system can increase the performance and extend the life of your iron filter for help with your well water pressure.

Iron filters backwash every 1-3 days. Many people try to extend this to save water, but frequent backwashing keeps the filtration bed full and prevents channeling, which will make the iron filter work better and reduce iron filter repairs.

If you notice your iron filter not working like it should, it's important you take action right away. A broken iron filter isn't necessarily an emergency but pushing off iron filter repairs tend to lead to larger problems.

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