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Is Your Boiler Heater Working Correctly?

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    The Home Is Cold! Is The Boiler Working?

    Waking up to the chill of winter inside your home can be an abrupt beginning to any day. No heat? Boiler not working? What do you do?

    For boiler repair, call the boiler technicians at Austin Plumbing Heating & Air. Need 24/7 boiler repair or emergency boiler service or boiler replacement? We are ready to help with any boiler repair or replacement.  

    Boiler Repair

    Boilers can be very simple or very complicated.  It requires a true professional to diagnose a boiler system that isn’t working properly.  A boiler system has 3 major components:


    A boiler’s purpose is to heat the water that is pumped through the system piping to baseboards, radiators, or in-floor heating. Boilers are available in high-efficiency boilers, as well as standard cast iron boilers. Several companies manufacture boilers, some of the most common being US Boiler and Burnham Boiler. 

    Boiler Controls

    Boilers require controls in order to direct the heated water to the correct area of the home. Some normal controls are zone controls, zone valves and relays.

    Boiler piping

    The boiler piping system is responsible for carrying the heated water to the area of your home that is calling for heat. Common components of the piping system include recirculating pumps, air removal systems, valves and system piping.

    When all three components of your hydronic heating system are working in harmony, a boiler heating system is a great way to heat your place. 

    Here are some common boiler problems that require boiler repair or hydronic heating service: 

    Air In Pipes

    Over time, a boiler system can develop air pockets in the piping system. When this occurs, the boiler system makes knocking or gurgling sounds. Air in boiler lines can prevent the flow of water in the system and cause no heat in an area of your home or at a specific radiator or baseboard.  

    There are several products available today to prevent air from forming in boiler piping. Austin Plumbing Heating & Air can help you choose the right air elimination system for you and your home.

    Zone Valve Replacement

    Zone valves are the most common way to control the route of boiler water. These valves open and close each time a thermostat calls for heat in a particular area. Over time the valves or the zone valve motor will seize up and no longer allow water to flow through it.    

    Boiler Replacement

    Over time, sediment will build up in the heat exchanger of a boiler. When a significant buildup is present, the boiler will rumble when it’s heating water. This is why it’s so important to have yearly maintenance on your boiler.  

    Flushing a boiler can be dangerous, but a trained professional can safely flush the sediments out of your boiler, increasing its efficiency and life expectancy.

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