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Perhaps the most common plumbing challenges clients face in Waukesha and Washington counties are sewer, septic, and drain backups. 

Your sewer line is the main pipe that carries waste from your home or business to the sewer main in the street.  Household waste like soap scum, fat and grease from your kitchen sink, and other human debris can build up causing water to drain slowly or the drain to become blocked and start backing up.

Sewer problems can escalate quickly and lead to costly damage and repairs. If you begin to notice slow-draining water or lack of drainage altogether, call a trained member of our team to have your sewer system evaluated today.

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Why Choose Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air For Sewer Inspection & Drain Cleaning?

When an Austin Plumbing Heating & Air plumber arrives at your home, you're getting a professional with years of experience, who will not only restore flow to your stopped-up drain but also diagnose the exact cause of the clogged plumbing.

We drive a “Warehouse on Wheels”, which means we arrive with all of the equipment and parts to clear stubborn drain stoppages on the first visit. Our trucks are fully stocked with all of the latest drain unblocking and diagnostic equipment so we can solve most drain stoppages on the same day in one trip, saving you time, money, and frustration!

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Common Issues With Water Pipes

Drain stoppages happen naturally over time. But if you have a sewer that backs up often due to roots or some other unknown problem, it's time to have a real diagnostician in to find the "root" of the problem. 

We are problem drain experts and can diagnose and prescribe a long-term solution to stubborn drain problems caused by:

Root Intrusion

Pipe Misalignment

Broken Pipes

Austin Plumbing has the best plumbing equipment and technology, like our Hydro Jetting System, excavation equipment, and other trade secrets that allow us to solve those nuisance drain problems you’ve dealt with for years.

Our state-of-the-art Drain Vision System consists of a high-definition drain camera that lets you see that the stoppage was removed from your pipe. What's more, only the Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air will leave your home as clean as it was before they started.

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Schedule Your Service Today!

From emergency service to routine maintenance or installations, Austin Plumbing Heating & Air  is ready to take your call! Contact us now to schedule an appointment for clogged drain cleaning service.

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