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Every year, there are fewer and fewer companies in Waukesha County and Washington County that are proficient at hydronic heating system installation and repair

The truth is, boiler systems are one of the most complicated heating systems out there. Loaded with complex controls, relays, mixing valves, and configurations, good boiler specialist technicians are a rare find. 

For three generations and over 80 years in the business, we have earned a reputation as the go-to resource for homes with hydronic heating and boiler systems. 

If you find yourself out of heat with a boiler or hydronic heating system, entrust your repair to Austin Plumbing Heating & Air. Contact us for any of these services:

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Hydronic heating system repairs

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The Two Major Types Of Gas Boilers

These are also known as a standard boiler. A standard boiler consists of a heat exchanger and burners.  The heat exchanger in a conventional boiler will likely be made of cast iron and will typically vent into a chimney with metal vent piping. Although a conventional gas boiler isn't very efficient (80% at best), it does offer the advantages of simplicity and longevity of service life.

high efficiency boilerHigh efficiency boilers typically operate at over 95% efficiency, giving them a large advantage over the traditional boiler system. They have much smaller heat exchangers, typically made of stainless steel or aluminum. In addition, a high efficiency boiler is much smaller and lighter than other boilers and can often be hung on the wall and vented with PVC pipe outside. These technologically advanced boilers allow for many piping, heating, and domestic hot water applications, which require many more controls.

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Signs Your Hydronic System or Boiler May Need Repair

A common sign that you are facing a broken boiler emergency is strange noises coming from the system. In boilers, this could be banging pipes, gurgling or even sloshing water through the system. If you notice your boiler making unknown noises, call to book boiler service today.

When your heat is out and you have a boiler, it's time to get service scheduled quickly. Sometimes when a home has hydronic heat, only part of the boiler system isn't working. This could be a control, boiler pump or zone valve issue. To diagnose a complete or partial no heat situation on your home's boiler system, call Austin Plumbing Heating & Air today.

Water is the key source of transferring heat to your home in a boiler or hydronic heating system. If you see water leaking from the boiler, piping, valves, pumps or any other part of the heating system, it's best to get on the schedule for a boiler repair as soon as possible. Small boiler leaks can develop into large boiler leaks if left unrepaired.

If you have an older home with a boiler and hydronic heat, you should contact a trusted HVAC repair company to help inspect, service or repair your boiler, or to help you find an affordable boiler system replacement. We have served the boiler repair needs of Waukesha and Washington County for over 80 years, and have the experience and longevity in the market to work on the most complicated older homes with boilers and hydronic heating systems.

During home renovations and remodeling, it is common to move boiler piping or add additional zones to the current system. Our team can work within your existing hydronic piping and control system to determine the best way to relocate, add, or remove a portion of your boiler piping system.

Why Choose Us To Repair Your Boiler Or Hydronic Heating System?

We are uniquely qualified and specialized in the area of boilers and hydronic heating systems. 

We combine the expert craftsmanship of our plumbers and the knowhow of our HVAC techs to provide true and complete boiler repair and installation solutions.

Here is what you can expect when you call Austin Plumbing Heating & Air for boiler and hydronic repair services:


On Time

We schedule our boiler system appointments in 2-hour time windows so you don't have to sit at home and wait for our arrival.

In Touch

Our office will communicate with you every step of the way, with reminder calls the day before the appointment and schedule updates should anything change.

We’re Prepared

We drive a "Warehouse on Wheels", which carries thousands of parts and all the diagnostic equipment needed to fix most boilers and hydronic systems in the same visit.


We perform top to bottom diagnostics on your hydronic heating system to determine what caused the breakdown and what repairs are needed to get your boiler heating again.


Once we determine the problem, we provide you with all of the repair options and the cost of the repair upfront and in writing before any of the work begins. This way you can choose the right repair option for you, your home, and your budget!


Since all of the repairs made by Austin Plumbing Heating & Air are backed by our workmanship and satisfaction guarantees, you know the repairs we make are going to last!

Regardless of the type of boiler system you currently have or are considering, Austin Plumbing Heating & Air has hydronic heating and boiler experts on the team who are ready to help.

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