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When boiler and hydronic heating system maintenance is performed annually, you can expect your heating system to work better, last longer, be more reliable, and cost less to operate.

Austin Plumbing Heating & Air is proud to be your go-to for boiler cleaning and preventative maintenance in Waukesha and Washington counties. We are uniquely specialized in the area of boilers and hydronic heating systems, combining our plumbing expertise with a deep understanding of HVAC systems.

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Do Boilers Need Maintenance?

Hydronic heating systems are a combination of boiler piping, controls, and the actual boiler itself. Together they work in harmony and provide a great solution to home heating in Wisconsin.

With all of its moving parts, routine boiler safety checks and tune-ups are critical to the life expectancy, safety, and comfort level a boiler can deliver.

What Is A Boiler Tune-Up?

A boiler tune-up provides essential maintenance and covers a complete inspection of the electrical and control systems for your boiler. 

We also conduct a rigorous performance test of the mechanical components, as well as safety inspections, a cleaning, and recalibration of the boiler itself. The end result of a boiler tune-up is a hydronic heating system that runs better, lasts longer, and is reliable and safe.

Benefits of an Annual Boiler Tune-Up

Manufacturers of boilers want to make sure the system is working correctly and safely, which is why they typically require annual maintenance to ensure the system stays covered by the warranty.

During our boiler tune-ups, we test and exercise the system. Our performance testing will flush out weak links in the system. After repairs, a well-tuned boiler will be far less prone to breaking down during Wisconsin's cold winters.

High-efficiency boilers are a great way to reduce your home’s heating costs. But when that high-tech, high-efficiency boiler gets out of tune, the energy savings quickly go down the tubes. Having an annual tune-up on your boiler ensures your costs of heating are as low as they can be.

Annual tune-ups will add years to the useful life of your heating system.


Our Boiler Maintenance Procedure

Boilers and hydronic heating systems are not nearly as common today as they were years ago. For that reason, there are very few qualified boiler service and repair companies left. 

Our team has serviced, repaired, and installed boiler and hydronic heating systems for three generations. During that time, we have developed boiler tune-up protocols that keep systems operating in tip-top shape!

We provide affordable access to annual residential boiler testing, tuning, and inspection.

It's over 60 documented steps

It takes 1.5-2 hours to perform

It will restore the youth of your hydronic system

It will reduce the chances that your boiler will break down

It will reduce the cost to operate your HVAC system

It will extend the life of your boiler

It's guaranteed

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