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Cooling Your Home Like Wifi - Ductless Air Conditioning & Mini Splits

Taking the retrofit air conditioning market by storm, ductless AC systems have become all the rage- and for good reason too! Boasting off-the-chart efficiency, extreme comfort and bonus points for being able to provide heating as well, ductless mini splits are an excellent choice for:  

  • Replacing an attic air conditioning system 
  • Cooling bonus rooms
  • Adding air conditioning to additions 

Adding Ductless AC to Your Home - The Austin Way

  • Is a ductless air conditioning system or mini split right for you?

    Ductless AC systems are a terrific solution for retrofit AC systems in homes that don’t have central air or ductwork. If you have a room that doesn’t get cooling, an addition you would like to cool or an old home that doesn’t have cooling, ductless AC’s (mini splits) are a great solution.

  • Schedule an evaluation & estimate

    Design and installation are key when it comes to achieving your air conditioning goals with mini splits. An AC guru from Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air will evaluate your home, the areas you would like to cool and help you design a ductless system designed to meet your needs and budget.

  • Choose the ductless AC system that meets your needs, wants and budget!

    We hope you will find Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air the best choice for your new ductless air conditioning system. If you have any questions about the replacement AC systems we quoted, let us know and we will work with you to get the right system for you, your family and your pocketbook. 

    Keep in mind that to assist you with the investment in a new air conditioning system, we have <financing available>

  • Booking the Mini Split AC installation

    After you choose the ductless option that is best for you, we will get the AC installation booked and start to pull together the job. Equipment that is not in stock will be ordered and all of the rest of the materials will be staged for your install.

  • Ductless AC installation day

    The most important day in your new ductless air conditioner's life is the day that it is installed. And if you select Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air to install your new ductless AC system, you are in amazing hands with true AC gurus. Our team will arrive at your home on time to begin your installation. The duration of the installation will likely be two or more days for a complete ductless AC install.

  • Post Air Conditioner Installation

    Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air is there for you beyond the install of your new ductless AC System. Through our maintenance programs and post install follow ups, we’re the air conditioning contractor you want to install your ductless system.

How Much Does a New Ductless Air Conditioner Cost?

If you know anything about Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air, you know that being up front and transparent is part of our core values. This is why we don’t have any problem chatting about what our services cost. When it comes to adding a ductless AC to a home, we can't really help much other than to establish a starting point. 

There are so many installation factors that come into play such as where will the outside unit get mounted, where will the individual indoor mini split heads be mounted, where will the condensate be pumped to… we’re not wanting to overwhelm you, but the list goes on and on. 

So how much does a basic ductless mini split installation cost? 

  • A barebones ductless mini split install will cost a minimum of $5,700.
  • Adding a ductless mini split system to cool multiple areas of a home will cost $10,000- $20,000 if it can be done with a single outdoor unit. 
  • Large homes and big retrofit mini split installation jobs requiring multiple outdoor units and multiple indoor mini split heads are routinely over $30,000.

Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning Upgrade Installation - Things to Consider

Get the proper size air conditioner for your home

Sizing your new ductless AC system is critical for your home's comfort and the longevity of the system. Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air will design a ductless AC mini split that is the proper size to cool and heat your home

What areas of your home do you want to cool

The only way to guarantee a cool comfortable room in your home with a ductless mini split system is to put an indoor mini split head in that room. For every indoor mini split head, you can add several thousands of dollars of expense, so it's important to plan out what rooms you need AC in and what rooms can you go without AC in.

How long will you live in your home

Adding a ductless AC to an older home without ductwork can be a good selling point, but may not yield a significant return on that investment. If you plan to live in your home for a long time and enjoy the creature comforts of air conditioning, a ductless AC is a terrific investment in your home and your comfort.


Ductless AC systems come in a wide range of efficiencies. The higher the efficiency, the lower the cost of operation and larger your initial investment. Take into consideration the Wisconsin climate and how often you would use your ductless AC system before you decide on this budget impacting feature.

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Why Choose Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air to Install Your Mini Split Air Conditioning System?

  • We’re into service, not sales

    The same folks that install our ductless AC systems are able to sit with you to go over the cost of installing one. You're buying a ductless AC system from a tech, not a salesman.

  • Installed by a qualified technician

    We employ true craftsmen who are experts at mini split AC installation, service, and repair. We install our systems by the book to ensure your AC is installed right and will last a long time without breakdowns.

  • Industry leading warranties & guarantees

    We do the job the right way or not at all which means we can stand behind our mini split install with no worries.

  • We’re local

    Choose local when it comes to your mini split and ductless AC installation. With locations in Hartland and Germantown, WI, we're that ductless AC installer near you. Our team members live and work in the communities that we serve. You're doing business with a trusted local company

  • No guesswork with Austin- We’re proven

    Ductless AC contractors pop up out of nowhere and maybe even offer a cheap price or quick install, but does that mean they will be here in a century? The chances are slim that they will be. Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air has been serving Southeastern Wisconsin for over 80 years. We're here for you in the long run.

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