Air Conditioner Maintenance

Our AC Tune-Up is the Maintenance Your Air Conditioner Craves

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance tune up

The air conditioner tune-up Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air performs is a complex and time tested process, but the results are simple. Our central AC system annual maintenance process, aka the AC Tune-Up:

  • Will make your air conditioner more reliable 
  • Will make your air conditioning system cool better and more efficiently 
  • Will make your HVAC system last longer

AC maintenance and tune-ups safeguards your investment, keeps you cool, and comfortable.

  • Avoid cheap, “well this is a bargain” AC tune-ups.

    That would be throwing your money away.

  • Avoid AC tune-ups that promise the world.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Avoid air conditioning contractors that offer good-better-best AC tune-ups.

    Words we live by are: be the job big or small, do it right or not at all. Cutting corners will only cost you more at the end. We only do it one way, and that’s the right way.

A Tune-Up Will Make your Air Conditioner More Efficient and Last Longer

  • It takes 1.5-2 hours to perform our AC tune up

  • It will restore the youth of your AC system

  • It will reduce the chances your cooling system will break down

  • It will reduce the cost to operate your air conditioner

  • It will extend the life of your HVAC system

It is guaranteed! It only costs $189. It may even be on special check tune up specials here.

Maintaining your older central air conditioner is critical

What is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

The ingredients of an Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air AC tune-up:

1 part air conditioner cleaning

1 part air conditioner testing, inspecting & adjusting

1 part comfort optimization

1 part air conditioner maintenance

During our tune-up process we:

  • Wash and rinse the condenser
  • Check the air filters
  • Check the evaporator coil
  • Clear the air conditioner drain 
  • Inspect the electrical 
  • Measure the refrigerant levels
  • Plus many more life extending and efficiency gaining maintenance steps 

For short, we call our annual AC maintenance procedure a “tune-up” because during this maintenance service, we will restore your AC system as close as possible to its factory-fresh conditions. The process takes an out-of-tune AC and allows it to perform at its peak performance. 

Our tune-up process encompasses all areas that air conditioning annual maintenance should cover, such as a complete inspection of your HVAC system's electrical systems, as well as a rigorous performance test of all of the running components. 

After all of the starting and running components check out, the entire air conditioner gets a bath. We clean all the coils so the air conditioner runs better and cools more efficiently. 

The last step of the process is comfort optimization. This is where we evaluate air flow, refrigerant levels, and other factors that lead to comfort concerns with AC systems. We adjust and fine-tune these things to ensure your AC system is delivering optimal comfort.

Why Air Conditioners Require Annual Maintenance

A cooling system is a symphony of airflow, electronics, and science. When in tune, that symphony efficiently delivers cool, dry, fresh air to your home. The challenge with this orchestra of cooling is the longer it plays, the more it gets out of tune in the following ways:

Plugged AC Coils = Reduced Air Conditioning Air Flow

Every second your AC is running, it is drawing outside air through the condenser coil. It uses this air to blow heat from your home out of the refrigerant system, but in the process sucks up everything that is floating around in the air.

A few examples of things that get sucked up are grass clippings, lint, debris, dirt and bugs. When the condenser coil begins to clog, the entire symphony suffers.

Air Conditioner Controls & Electronics Wear

Every time your AC turns on, it relies on a series of electronics to make this happen. One component in your air conditioner is called a contactor. The contactor is a series of copper contacts that slap together, completing the 220-volt circuit which provides the power for your AC to run.

When these contacts slap together, they make carbon. Carbon builds up on the contactor points and must be cleaned off every season to prevent breakdown.

Low Refrigerant

We will perform top to bottom diagnostics on your air conditioner to determine what caused the breakdown and what the needed AC repairs are to get your system cooling again.


Your air conditioner is a mouse motel. Mice love wires, and your AC has a lot of wires. They also love a waterproof, out-of-the-wind place to live throughout the winter months. The best of both worlds is the electrical compartment inside your AC. Mice are notorious for building nests and chewing the insulation off the wires inside your air conditioner. When this happens, you face the possibility of shorting electrical components and having a malfunctioning unit.

Guaranteed Air Conditioner Repairs

Since all of the repairs made by Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air are backed by our workmanship and satisfaction guarantee, you know the repairs we make are going to last!

Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance - The Easy Way

The easy way to get your central air conditioner maintenance performed annually is to join our maintenance club. As a club member, we make air conditioner maintenance easy by taking care of booking the appointments annually so you never miss an AC tune up. Lean about our Central Air Conditioner maintenance program.

Air Conditioner Maintenance FAQs

AC being repaired by an Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air Tech

Yes! Chances are if you're asking yourself if you should have your air conditioner serviced, it's giving you a reason to think it should. Read on to discover all of the benefits of annual air conditioning maintenance.

Our AC tune-up is $189. Sometimes it is less if we are running a special. Sometimes more if the air conditioner is located in an attic or in a confined space.

Yes! Our maintenance club membership program has many benefits. Learn more about our annual air conditioner maintenance club here.

It doesn't matter what brand of air conditioning system you have; the company that made it requires that your system be tuned up and inspected every year. If you don't, they have a way to weasel out of warranty claims.

Our Austin Club membership makes annual air conditioning maintenance a breeze. In addition to twice-yearly HVAC tune-ups, signing up provides you priority access to same-day repair services and reduced fees.

Industry data shows 80% of air conditioner breakdowns are a direct result of lack of maintenance. Our data shows the same facts. Our clients who choose to be an Austin Club member and have a tune-up every year rarely experience a breakdown.

Dirty coils and restricted air flow are the leading cause for air conditioning in efficiency. During our tune-up process, we thoroughly clean the air conditioner coils which reverse this effect, restoring the efficiency of the system.

Just because an air conditioner is old doesn’t mean it's not worth tuning up. Many Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air clients have been able to get many extra years out of the old air conditioner just by having their AC tuned up every year.

Taking good care of the major systems in your home is a key to getting the most life out of the system and your cooling system, specifically the air conditioner, is no different. Through our time tested AC tune-up, we’re able to prevent many air conditioner problems from getting to the point that major system damage occurs, which results in a much longer and more useful life for the cooling system.

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