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Sewage Pumps

What exactly is a Sewage Pump you ask?  Sewage pumps are automatic pumps used when liquid being pumped contains solids up to 2" in diameter. Pumping waste from a bathroom to a sewer or septic line is a common application. In fact, most homes that have a Septic Tank or Mound System have a Sewage pump installed in the basement.


In this application, raw sewage is collected in a large basin or reservoir and then pumped to the level of gravity flow. The Sewage Pump is controlled by a float system that is capable of detecting water level. Austin Plumbing Company highly recommends that an Alarm Float be installed. An Alarm Float detects pump failure, alarming the homeowner before damaging back up of sewage occurs.


Homeowners may think that they are not limited by what they can or cannot pour down their drains because their home has a Sewage pump. Feminine hygiene products, diapers, kitty litter, paint, oil (both motor oil and cooking oils), etc. should not be flushed or poured down any drain, whether the home is connected to a gravity sewer system, septic tank, grinder pump or mound system.


Disposable wipes that are made by cleaning companies for personal use, cleaning toilets, etc. are causing problems in communities around the United States. Not only do people clog their household plumbing, they are causing problems with household Sewage pumps, lift stations, and sewage treatment plants. Some wipe companies say, "Flush one at a time," or say "not for pump systems" but "safe for sewers." Regardless of what is written on the package, Austin Plumbing Company recommends wipes should never be flushed down the toilet, but rather put into the garbage.


Maintenance of your Sewage Pump is important! Pumps that use floats to sense the level in the holding tank are prone to grease buildup that may turn the pump on unnecessarily, or not turn on the pump at all, causing the tank to fill up and sewage to possibly back up into the home. To prevent this, regular yearly maintenance by Austin Plumbing Company is recommended. Call today to schedule yours...262-367-3808.


Grinder Pumps

You may be asking...Is there a difference between a Grinder Pump and a Sewage Pump, and which do you have?  Although they are similar in the function that they perform, the applications in which they serve differ tremendously.


A Grinder Pump is a wastewater delivery system, and is to sewage, what a Garbage Disposal is to food. Waste from your household flows into the Grinder Pumps holding tank. Once the wastewater inside this holding tank reaches a specific level the pump will turn on, and then grinds the sewage into a controllable fine matter allowing this powerful pump to push it thru and out to the sewer system.


Grinder pumps can be located in the basement or in the yard.  If installed in the yard, the holding tank must be buried deep enough that the pump and sewage pipes are located below the frost line.  All Grinder Pump systems should be equipped with an Alarm system.


At Austin Plumbing Company, we regularly service, maintain, and replace both indoor and outdoor Grinder Pumps. Call us TODAY at (262) 367-3808 to schedule yours.


Austin Plumbing Company's

"Do's & Don'ts" For Grinder Systems

The Do Not's of a Grinder System


  1. Do not put any type of "wipes" in your plumbing system such as cleaning wipes or baby wipes, even though they may say "flushable" on the package.
  2. Do not put any type of disposable toilet bowl cleaning device in your plumbing system even though it may say "flushable" on the package.
  3. Do not put any type of feminine hygiene product in your plumbing system.
  4. Do not put any type of contraceptive device in your plumbing system.
  5. Do not pour out any grease, fats or oils into any drain.

The above items WILL and HAVE caused problems with grinder pumps.  In an effort to prevent and avoid these potential issues, it is strongly recommended that you follow the above suggestions!


Austin Plumbing Company also recommends using a monthly drain maintenance product called Bio Clean.  This product will help keep grease build up to a minimum in the drain piping inside your home as well as inside the grinder pump basin.


What to DO if your Grinder Alarm Sounds!


  1. Stop using water.
  2. Check to make sure the circuit breaker for the grinder pump is not tripped off.  If the breaker is tripped, turn it back on.
  3. If the breaker is not tripped, turn the breaker off and wait for 20 seconds, then flip the breaker back on.  Sometimes this "on-off" action will help the pump tear through something if it is jammed.  Wait for 60-90 seconds.  If the alarm does not go off, immediately call Austin Plumbing Company at 262-367-3808.