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Choosing a replacement heating and air conditioning system can be a frustrating process. So many factors play into your choice of equipment, as well as the company that will install it.

Rest assured that when you choose Austin Plumbing Heating & Air for your new HVAC system installation, you are making a wise investment in your family's safety and comfort. 

We listen to your concerns and design a system around your wants, needs, and budget.

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Key Factors In Choosing The Right HVAC System


There are over 50 different brands of HVAC equipment in the marketplace, and just like every other product on the market today, each brand has its strengths and weaknesses. 

Surprisingly though, only 6% of the risk a homeowner takes when purchasing a new home comfort system can be attributed to the equipment chosen! Because your heating and cooling system is assembled on-site in an uncontrolled location, the other 94% of the risk is directly connected to the quality of installation and the maintenance of the system. 

That’s why choosing the best heating and cooling installation company is critical. Any cut corners or overlooked details will have a dramatic effect on the system's life, reliability, and efficiency.


There are many factors that influence the overall effectiveness of a HVAC system. System size, airflow, ductwork and refrigerant charge only cover a few. 

However, studies have shown that without proper installation, most systems don't deliver the level of comfort that the consumer pays for and expects. 

For over 80 years, we’ve been the leader for HVAC installation in Waukesha and Washington counties. From Hartland to Germantown and everything in between, we provide superior service and affordable solutions that are guaranteed.


Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air Replacement Guarantees

We guarantee that the system(s) we installed in your home will heat or cool your home as designed. If the system is unable to operate as designed, we will repair, or modify, the system at no charge to you during the first year!

We guarantee that when the equipment we have installed in your home is maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's operating and maintenance manuals the system will not be a "Lemon".

We guarantee that the furnace and/or air conditioner we have installed will use less energy to heat/cool your home than your old system. If not, we will repair, or modify the system during the first year of operation.

If your system breaks down during the first two years and leaves you without heating or cooling for more than 24 hours, we will pay you $500 for your inconvenience.

We guarantee that all property such as carpeting, flooring, walls, furniture, and door frames will be protected in the installation process. Protective shoe covers and/or floor runners will be used on all finished traffic areas during installation.

You are guaranteed the best price on the system(s) we have installed in your home. If you find a lower price on the same equipment, installation, service experience, guarantees and warranties, we will refund the difference plus $100. All we ask for is an "apples to apples" comparison.

We guarantee the installation of the equipment in your home was done so using the highest standard of craftsmanship, materials, and workmanship. In addition, it was completed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, local codes, and best trade practices. Should it be determined that a defect or problem with the system is directly linked to a deficiency in any of the above mentioned thus causing the system(s) we installed to fail at any time during the systems life, will repair the equipment and correct any defect of workmanship at no cost to you.

We agree to accept responsibility for your 100% complete satisfaction with the equipment, materials and work provided by us as specified on the front side of this agreement and paid for by you. During the first year, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of the system we will make it right, even if we must remove the system and return 100% of your investment!

Not All Systems Qualify for Every Guarantee. Speak to Your Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air Expert to Find Out Which System Is Right For You!

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