We Believe

At Austin, We Stand for Something More

Nearly a century-long tradition summed up in two words:

"Be Good"

A phrase you still hear echoing through the halls of Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air three generations deep. Forged into our heritage by the legend and founder of Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air-  Austin Smith. Coming from him, “Be Good” meant a lot of things; it meant everything.

Austin Plumbing, Heating and Air demonstrates our commitment to “Being Good” through our actions and commitment to our company's beliefs and foundational core values which we humbly share with the world below.

We Believe: In Craftsmanship

“Be the job big or small, do it right or not at all.” Another mantra chiseled in the heart and soul of our company by Austin Smith himself. He taught all of us: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right and with all you’ve got."

How Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air’s actions show our commitment to craftsmanship:

Install high quality materials & equipment

With all of the choices of product and equipment today, we promise to align with vendors and manufacturers that help us stay true to our core values.

Do work that looks good and stands the test of time

Call us old fashioned, but doing work that looks good and will hold up is the way it should be. When possible, we will flex our skills through craftsmanship.

Code compliance, written install standards & quality control

From pulling permits to our inhouse install standards, we install the work we do correctly.

Employ only the top talent in our market and industry

We are committed to developing the top talent in our market, which means we are also committed to not employing people that don't meet our craftsmanship or integrity standards.

We Believe: In Being Good to Others

We follow the “golden rule” when interacting with our clients, community and team members through the services we prove and our contribution to a greater good.

How Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air’s actions show our commitment to being good to others:


We do what is right no matter what. Even when no one is looking, not because we are told to, but because we want to.


From laying out what to expect when you place a service call to pricing, there are no surprises.

Empowering our clients

We provide our clients with options to solve their problems so they are empowered to make the right decision for them.

Be Dependable

From doing to what we say we will to standing behind our work with warranties and guarantees, we will support our clients.

We Believe: In Being a Place Good People Want to Retire From

The world needs plumbers, HVAC service techs and well water professionals. At Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air we are committed to hiring, teaching and training the next generation of craftspeople on how to do things the right way. The Austin Way.

How Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air’s actions show our commitment to being a place good people want to retire from:

Pay, Benefits & Work Life Balance

We run our company in a way that provides a fulfilling and rewarding compensation package.

Put people in a position to succeed

We hire the person and then find the right role in our company for them.

Upward mobility

Our company grows so people can grow with it. Managers in Austin are developed from within.

Developing the next generation

We believe strongly in teaching the plumbing, HVAC, well & water trade to the next generation is critical to the future of our society.

We Believe: In Continual Improvement

We know we are not perfect, but we will continue to strive to be. As things evolve, so will we.

How Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air’s actions show our commitment to continual improvement:


We are accountable for our actions and so is our team.

Operational excellence

Organization, communication, and preparation. We are always looking for ways to improve our operations.


As we learn new and better ways to do things we will practice and train to be better.


Our company grows both organically and inorganically through acquisitions.

We Believe: In honoring Traditions, Legacy and Heritage

Our team has been entrusted to carry on the tradition of some legendary plumbing and HVAC companies, which is an honor we hold in high regard. We will carry on the core values that built these successful companies proudly.

How Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air’s actions show our commitment to honoring traditions, legacy and heritage:

Be humble

We will be humble, as our heritage started with humble beginnings.

Remember the past

We will remember the people and journey that built the businesses we own and operate.

Through our work

We carry on the craftsmanship that was passed down through generations.

Be dedicated

We will be dedicated to the clients of our legacy companies as if they are our first client.

We Believe: For in Due Season, We Will Reap

“Let us not grow weary of doing good. For in due season, we will reap.”

Our 80+ year legacy has proven that the good deeds we do today will come back as rewards in the future. Through our actions and personal commitment to these core values, each individual member of Team Austin will find success.

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