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Home Repairs Membership has its Benefits

Big savings on plumbing and HVAC repairs start with regular professional maintenance. As an Austin Club member, you’ll receive heating, cooling and plumbing discounts for regular system maintenance designed to prevent additional costs related to extensive repairs or emergencies. 

In addition to experiencing fewer breakdowns and saving money on utility bills, Austin Club members also receive huge discounts on plumbing, air conditioning and heating repairs and replacements, should the need arise.

Austin Plumbing, Heating & Cooling | Hartland, WI | Guardian Club Membership
Austin Plumbing, Heating & Cooling | Hartland, WI

For your plumbing system

On top of time and money-saving benefits, members experience greatly reduced plumbing breakdowns and emergency service calls. They also enjoy extended longevity on each of their plumbing-related systems and appliances.

For your heating & cooling system

Did you know 80% of all heating and air conditioning service calls can be prevented with annual maintenance? All of our inspections are incredibly thorough, lasting an average of one and a half hours. The best part? Most homes can be covered with this plan for less than $1 per day!

Austin Plumbing, Heating & Cooling | Hartland, WI

For total peace of mind

The ultimate safeguard for you, your home, and your finances! Pairing all of the perks of the Austin Plumbing Club™ and The HVAC Club™, The Guardian Club™ helps you enjoy year-round peace of mind for an unmatched monthly price. 

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The Austin Plumbing Club

Only $10 per month!

Did you know the average plumbing repair call can cost up to $450?

The key to avoiding surprise expenses is through regular and complete plumbing system inspections and maintenance!

By enrolling in The Austin Plumbing Club for just $10/month (or $120 for the year), you’ll receive a top-to-bottom inspection of your home's drains, water piping, emergency valves, faucets, toilets, and fixtures. We contact you when your plumbing maintenance is due, so there’s nothing you need to do!

As an Austin Plumbing Club™ member, you’ll also receive the following valuable benefits:

Annual water heater tune-up, draining, and inspection

Annual water quality test to ensure that your softener and iron filter are working properly

Annual evaluation of your well and pressure tank

Up to two hours of TLC for your plumbing system that includes a 200+ point inspection (a $400+ value) — with fully documented results that are made available to you

10% member discount on repairs AND replacements

Keeps your product warranties active (routine maintenance and inspections are often a stipulation for maintaining plumbing-related warranties)

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The HVAC Club

Starting at $20 per month (individual system prices can vary)

If you’ve ever had to have emergency HVAC repairs, you know how expensive and time-consuming they can be. Even when paying for routine maintenance out-of-pocket, a basic yearly tune-up costs $159! 

Thankfully, you can preserve the lifespan of your HVAC unit — and significantly reduce the likelihood of surprise repairs — as a member of the The HVAC Club.

Members of the The HVAC Club™ receive the following benefits:

Factory Fresh tune-ups for your heating and cooling system (two total visits per year)

We contact you when it’s time for your system to be serviced. No need to worry about calling us to schedule!

Reduce your monthly utility bills by as much as 30%

Reduce the risk of breakdowns and emergency service calls.

Extend the life of your HVAC system

Up to four hours of TLC for your HVAC system per year that includes a 120+ step tune-up process that is fully documented for your records (a $400 value)

10% member discount on repairs, filters, and IAQ products

5% member discount on replacement equipment

Priority on emergency calls

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The Guardian Club

The BEST value at $30/month (for the average home)

The ultimate safeguard for you, your home, and your finances! Pairing all of the perks of the Austin Plumbing Club and The HVAC Club, The Guardian Club™ helps you enjoy year-round peace of mind for an unmatched monthly price. 

A quick look at this cost comparison shows that becoming a Club member saves you money!

Austin Plumbing, Heating & Cooling | Hartland, WI | Guardian Club Membership


"Dino was here to do our yearly review of the plumbing system in our house. We have had Austin Plumbing doing this for the last several years. Dino was very thorough in everything task he performed. When he was finished, he went through everything that he did from the basement to the second story bathroom, and explained in detail what he found. We appreciated his professionalism."  - Kim K.

"Austin Plumbing did the plumbing on our house when it was built in 1993 and we have used them ever since for maintenance and repair. We use their Diamond Club service so we get an annual inspection which had prevented a lot of issues. They are always friendly, on time, thorough and never leave a mess. Highly recommended." - Kevin S.

"I love them! They treat me great, they are honest, Friendly & time management is great, I have been with them since 2011. The services I’ve had done; install new toilets, HVAC maintenance, New air conditioner and new furnace, water heater."  - S.D.

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