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Hey there! I'm Eric Smith, and on behalf of all of Team Austin, we're delighted you are here!


We are a passionate and energetic Team of Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Well Pump, and Water Conditioning service, repair and replacement experts who have the honor to serve tens of thousands of neighbors throughout Washington and Waukesha County. We live and breathe the simple traditions and values that are forged deep in our company's 80+ year old culture. We love God, we love our families, we love our clients, we love our company and craft and we the love communities that we live and work in.


From humble beginnings, the seed that has grown into Austin Plumbing Company and affiliated companies was planted by a farmer out of the need to provide for his growing family and his struggle to do so with a small farm in Sussex. If you knew the story of how Austin went from farmhand to plumber, you would get why craftsmanship, loyalty, work ethic, and being good to people are verbs active in our culture and the blood that pumps through our company's veins.


Today, Austin Plumbing Company is in its 3rd generation of family ownership and is serving more clients than ever, with more services than ever from two locations, one in Hartland and one in Germantown.


We fill some big shoes, because not only do we carry on the legacy of my Grandfather Austin Smith and my father Tom Smith, but through acquisitions over the years, we also carry the torch of two other 80+ year old legacy companies. We're proud to provide service to the clients of Haselow Plumbing and Heating Company of Hartland and the Luke N. Reuter Co., Inc of Germantown.


Although a lot has changed, even more hasn't. The soul of Team Austin is old, and all of us as members of that team know what built these 3 companies.


It wasn't technology, it wasn't marketing, and it wasn't sales.


No, what built our company was good people, who cared about craftsmanship, who lived to serve neighbors, who were up front, on time, charged fairly, and provided an environment for team members to thrive in and out of the workplace.


These are the things that built this Team. These are the things tens of thousands of clients throughout Waukesha and Washington County depend on us for to provide to them. I would be honored if someday you would allow us the opportunity to provide the same to you.