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The water heater or as some say it, “hot water heater” is the plumbing appliance Wisconsin homeowners think of first. When it comes to selecting a contractor to help them with hot water heaters, Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air is the first choice for many!

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Rooted in SE Wisconsin for almost a century means chances are we’re performing water heater service in a neighborhood near you.

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Everything we do is upfront and transparent. From building options to pricing water heater services, there is no guesswork with Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.


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We have been servicing the water heater needs in our market for 80+ years. Gas, electric or tankless, we have your water heater needs covered.


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When you want a water heater and 5 star service, choose Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air. Far from perfect but we do have 100’s of 5 star Google reviews. Don’t take our word for it, see it at Google Business Ratings.

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Water Heater Service & Repair

Gas water heaters, electric water heaters or tankless water heaters- we work on all types and models of water heaters with our water heater repair services. We don't like cold showers either, which is why our water heater repair services ensure we fix your water heater correctly the first time.


Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Ready for a water heater upgrade or did your old heater spring a leak? Austin makes getting a new upgraded water heater pain free.We’ve replaced water heaters for over 80 years in Washington and Waukesha counties, which is why we offer a “Same Day - Hot Shower Guarantee”.


Water Heater Maintenance

Want your water heater to work better, last longer and cost less to run? That's what a water heater tune-up will provide. Increase the lifespan of your water heater with regular maintenance. Annual maintenance is required by all water heater manufacturers because they know how critical it is to extend the life of your heater.

5 Basic Types Of Water Heaters

  • Most efficient 
  • Never run out of hot water
  • Space saving

Tankless water heaters are ideal for large families or those with an affinity for long showers. If you want your hot water to never run out, the tankless option may be the best choice for you. A tankless water heater will provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water for all of your entire shower-taking, faucet-running, and laundry-doing needs. In addition, they’re also one of the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market.

  • Most common water heater 
  • Low end efficiency
  • Capacity ranges 40-75 gallons
  • Simple & time tested design 

The most common water heater by far is the gas water heater. These water heaters are so popular because they are a cost-effective and reliable way to heat the water your family requires. In addition, it’s the fastest water heater option, with a regeneration rate that’s 40% quicker than an electric heater.

  • Good mid range efficiency
  • Capacity ranges 40-75 gallons

Power vent gas water heaters are the next level up from traditional tank style water heaters when it comes to efficiency. It’s most common to find power vent gas heaters in homes constructed less than 20 years ago or in homes that have converted from electric to gas.

  • Mid efficiency eclectic option
  • Only available in 40-50 gallons

Most electric water heaters are installed because either natural gas isn't available or there is some other limitation in the home that would prevent the use of natural gas water heating. In either circumstance, electric makes a reasonable alternative to natural gas.

  • Ultra high efficient electric water heater option 
  • Capacity ranges 50-80 gallons

As part of a recent push by the government, heat pump electric water heaters are making a comeback and are a great energy efficient alternative to a standard electric water heater

Market Leaders In Water Heater Repair And Installation

A properly functioning water heater is one of the most vital parts of your plumbing system. Over time, wear and tear, hard water, age, pressure, or other issues can cause your water heater to fail. This failure can lead to a number of problems and ultimately leave you standing under a cold shower. 

Austin Plumbing Heating & Air services and installs more replacement water heaters than any other residential plumbing service provider in our market. For over 80 years, we’ve ensured people have hot water when they need it. From our shops in Hartland and Germantown, your neighbors throughout Waukesha and Washington counties have trusted their family's hot water comfort to Austin Plumbing Heating & Air. 

If your hot water is running out, it’s time for an assessment by a professional plumbing company that puts customers first. With expertise in the maintenance, repair, and installation of all types and brands of water heaters, we’re the go-to experts more households trust than anyone else.

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Hot Water Heater FAQs

There are many brands of water heaters on the market. The major three are:

  1. Bradford White 
  2. Rheem 
  3. AO Smith

Six to eight years is the typical life expectancy for a tank style water heater in Wisconsin. The life of a water heater will depend greatly on many factors which we will cover below.

  • Water quality- The mineral content of your water will impact the life of your water heater.
  • Anode rod- Neglecting the water heater anode rod will impact the life of the water heater. 
  • Water Pressure- Homes that experience high water pressure spikes (over 80 PSI) are more prone to water heater failure. 
  • Recirculation lines- Instant hot water systems and recirc systems contribute to water heater failure.
  • Stray voltage- Some homes have their electrical system grounded to the water system. The mineral in the water tank can act as a conductor which will increase corrosion inside the heater. 

Maintenance- Water heaters should be maintained annually and will last longer if they are.

There has been significant cost increases on water heaters across the board for the last 24 months. The average replacement cost of a water heater has almost doubled in the last 2 years to around $2700. Keep in mind this average factors in small basic electric water heaters all the way to very expensive, large high efficiency water heaters.

  1. Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures (or join our club and we will take care of it)
  2. Keep your water softener working properly
  3. Make sure your home’s water pressure is below 80 PSI at all times

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