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E-One Grinder Pumps- Unlocking what they are and why you have one

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    Eone Grinder Pump CoverHave you experienced an E-One Grinder Pump alarm in your home in Oconomowoc, Okauchee, Summit, Dousman, or Utica Lake? Many of the homes in this part of Waukesha County that have had to convert from septic systems to sewers required an E-One Grinder Pump installed in their sewer systems. The grinder pump experts at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air have helped local homeowners service their E-One Grinder Pumps and bring them back online.

    What is a Grinder Pump?

    A grinder pump is a type of sewage pump that is used to grind and pump wastewater from your property to the sewer system. Unlike traditional sewage pumps, which can become clogged with solids and debris, grinder pumps are designed to grind solids into a fine slurry that can be easily transported through pipes.

    Why do you have a Grinder Pump?

    The sewer system that serves many of the homes around Okauchee Lake, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Lower Nemahbin Lake, and other Town of Oconomowoc and Summit areas was a septic to sewer conversion. The depth of the sewer system is unable to connect the existing homes and provide the typical gravity sewer service. Simply stated, to connect most homes to the sewer system, a grinder pump is needed to pump sewage uphill until it reaches the gravity sewer in the road.   

    The E-One Grinder Pump

    The E-One Grinder Pump was a leading brand of outdoor drop-in style grinder pump at the time sewer systems were installed around Okauchee Lake, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Lower Nemahbin Lake, and other Town of Oconomowoc and Summit areas. The E-one pump is known for its performance and reliability. 

    Made by the Environment One Corporation, these grinder pumps are used on low pressure sewer systems where gravity systems can’t be installed. For residential properties, these types of systems are typically located in areas where the land may be very flat, rocky, hilly, or experience wet conditions, thereby making gravity systems difficult to install and maintain. 

    Here are some of the key features of an E-one grinder pump:

    • Design: The E-One grinder pump features a design that eliminates the need for an extra control panel, reducing installation and maintenance costs.
    • High-performance motor: The E-One grinder pump is equipped with a high-performance motor that can efficiently and effectively grind and pump wastewater from your property to the sewer system.
    • Durable construction: The E-One grinder pump is made of durable materials that can last for many years and withstand the harsh winter weather conditions in Wisconsin.
    • Energy-efficient: The E-One grinder pump is designed to be energy-efficient, with a low-power consumption motor that helps to reduce your energy costs.
    • Efficient and reliable: The E-One grinder pump is designed to efficiently and reliably pump wastewater from your property to your septic system, without the risk of clogging or backup.
    • Low maintenance: The E-One grinder pump is designed for easy maintenance, with removable panels that allow for easy access to the pump and other components.

    Today, E-one has several competitors that offer equal and superior grinder pumps. Over the many years of servicing E-One grinder pumps and alike, our team at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air has worked on and installed many different brands of E-One style pumps and can assist you in choosing the right grinder pump brand based on our experiences in the market and your needs.

    Grinder Pump Issues In Residential Homes

    When an E-One Grinder Pump alarm goes off, most homeowners call the local sewer district for help, who then redirect the homeowner to a local service provider. Grinder pumps can last a long time, but like all plumbing elements, they’re prone to wear and tear from regular use. Inadequate maintenance repairs and preventative measures can lead to your grinder pump’s failure, which spells disaster for homeowners. A broken or malfunctioning grinder pump can allow sewage to back up and even flood the lower level of your house with wastewater.

    Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air have serviced grinder pumps in Waukesha and Washington Counties for over 80 years. We are sewage and grinder pump experts. Give us a call the next time your E-One Grinder Pump alarm trips, and we’ll diagnose the problem and get your sewer system functioning in no time.

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