Water and Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement

Plumbing system got old bones? Upgrade your water pipes with Austin Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

At the core of our plumbing repair services is solving the routine plumbing problems that pain Southeastern WI homeowners daily. Ranging from burst pipes to dripping faucets, Team Austin is on the ready to assist with plumbing repairs of every type.

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Water Pipe Replacement Specialists

Repiping a home’s water system requires next level plumbing experience. Master plumbers and extreme craftsmanship shine as bright as your new pipes with the plumbers at Austin.

No Pressure, No Salesperson. Air Conditioners you choose for you.

Financing Makes Repiping Affordable

An old water or drain system can nickel and dime you. Our homeowner friendly financing makes a new plumbing system a reality for pennies per day.


We Take Care of Your Home Like It's Ours

We do this because we care and replacing pipes in an old home is a specialty of the expert craftspeople at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.

Our pipes have been trusted for years

Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air has been repiping homes for generations. You can trust the craftsmanship and work if there is an Austin stamp of approval on it!

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Why Replace Your Old Water Pipes

Replacing old water pipe plumbing such as lead, galvanized and anaconda copper can save you thousands in nickel and dime plumbing repairs. Plus people who invest in a whole home water repipe find they get:

  • Better water flow
  • Higher quality water
  • A reduction in heavy metals in the water system
  • More value than water pipe repairs
  • An uptick in home value
  • An extension on the life of the water heater, water softener, dishwasher and washer machines

Plus whole home water pipe replacements come with leak free guarantees!
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Repiping with copper pipes - Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air

Whole House Repiping the Austin Way


After booking an in-home estimate, our plumbing pros will evaluate your existing water and/or drain system to determine if you are a good candidate for whole home water or drain repiping. If there are alternatives to whole home drain or water repiping, we will share them with you on our initial consultation.

Because there are many places to start and end a whole home water or drain repipe, there may be several different options and price ranges for repiping services available to you. A plumber from Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air will review all of the different options and pricing with you so you can choose the repipe solution that best fits your home, needs and budget!

Once you decide what the best repipe solution is for you and your home, we will get the right repipe team aligned for your project and find a day that works best for you. Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air does NOT hire subcontract crews, so you can be assured that everyone involved in your plumbing repipe project <believes in the core values> of Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air.

We get it. Investing in things like water and drain pipe isn’t as cool as buying a new car, but pipes can be sexy, right? Your repipe crew will start by prepping your home, protecting the floors and path to the work area. Then they will disconnect faucets and fixtures and remove the old piping. After we get all of the fixtures unhooked and the old pipe removed, the repiping will begin and the Picaso’s of plumbing will begin putting together all of your new pipes. If you have never had a home replumbed before and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into replacing old plumbing, this can be a very exciting home improvement process

Austin has been around for nearly a century and we are not going anywhere. If you need anything plumbing related after we get done installing your new pipes, you are assured that Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air is here for you.

Whole Home Plumbing Repiping FAQs

There are way too many variables to give this question true justice. We perform water and/or drain pipes for as little as $1,200 and as much as $30,000. Most of the time, the cost to replace the water piping for an average single story home is between $4,000 and $7,000 and similarly priced for drain piping.

Because of the level of detail and craftsmanship Austin puts into a whole home water or drain repair, repiping typically take a crew of 2-3 plumbers two or more days to complete.

No. Even though a complete repipe can take 2-3 days, we rarely need to leave a home without use of its plumbing system overnight. Just another reason why if you're going to repipe your home, do it with Austin.

We sure do. Because that's the <right thing to do>.

Any old materials removed from your home get recycled. Most plumbing materials can be made into new products vs. going into a landfill. Just a small way Austin looks out for the environment and your pocketbook.

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