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Waste water pumps such as sump pumps, effluent pumps, sewage pumps and grinder pumps are a major part of many Southeastern WI plumbing systems and since Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air services all types of waste water pumps, so are we! Learn why Team Austin is the go-to sump pump, sewage pump and grinder pump contractor in Southeast Wisconsin.

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Our plumbing warehouses on wheels carry all major types of pumps right on our truck. Sump pumps and sewage pumps are right Onboard.

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Hundreds of satisfied clients have reviewed our sump, sewage & grinder services at 4.8 stars Google Reviews. We're not perfect, but we work hard to be.

Waste Water Pump Service Near You

Highly trained, well stocked and prepared plumbers are solving sump, sewage and grinder problems near you. Call Austin today.

Waste Water Pump Service Near You

Highly trained, well stocked and prepared plumbers are solving sump, sewage and grinder problems near you. Call Austin today.

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The Difference Between Sump Pumps, Sewage Pumps and Grinder Pumps

Wondering what the difference is between all of these waste water pumps? We will happily explain, but rest assured that the entire team at Austin Plumbing, Heating & Air are experts working with all of the different pumps. 

Sump Pumps 

  • Rainwater pumps only
  • Typically in open crocks or pits 
  • Used to keep basement dry 

This is the pump that is normally in the corner of the basement and is only used to pump rainwater that collects in the drain tile around your home's basement and foundation back outside. Sump pumps have become the generic term to describe all plumbing pumps.

Effluent Pumps

  • Handles laundry discharge
  • Handles water softener drains
  • Handles iron filter drains
  • Handles floor drain in the basement 
  • Typically in a sealed crock 

Very similar to a sump pump, but typically a higher quality pump designed for plumbing applications. Most homes in Wisconsin that are on a septic system have an effluent pump in the basement to pump the laundry water and floor drain up and out to the septic. 

Sewage Pumps

  • Handles the wastewater from 1-2 bathrooms
  • Also handles laundry water, softener and iron filter drain and floor drain
  • Always in a sealed and vented crock 

Sewage pumps are common in homes that have a basement bathroom. The waste from a bathroom, specifically a toilet, requires a special pump which we call a sewage pump.

Septic or Mound Pumps

  • Used to pump septic water to the mound system
  • Located outside in a pumping chamber
  • Have an alarm typically mounted in the basement

If your septic system is a mound system, then you also have a mound pump or septic pump. This pump injects wastewater into the drain field for it to be cleaned and filtered. 

Grinder Pumps

  • Handles all the wastewater from an entire home
  • Common around the lakes in the Lake Country Wisconsin area
  • Sometimes located outdoor 
  • If indoor, located in a sealed and vented crock with an alarm 

Grinder pumps are specialty sewage pumps that are designed to handle the plumbing for an entire home and to pump the water a long distance. 

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