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Posted by BY: Eric Smith on Wed Oct 19th, 2016 at 2:02 pm

My kids have always been under my feet and fascinated with my work so they are not strangers to plumbing, and whether I'm working for friends or family... there's a good chance I have at least one of my 4 potential apprentices with me ranging in age from 8 to 2.


So it turns out this past weekend all 4 of my children were helping me as I worked installing some plumbing in a home of a close friend. On Saturday I decided to take the opportunity to reiterate to the tribe, the two golden rules of plumbing: Golden Rule #1 - Hot on the left - cold on the right, and the PG version of Golden Rule #2... Water doesn't flow up hill. I immediately get slapped with a question I didn't know the answer to. "Dad, why is hot always on the left and cold on the right? Why can't hot be on the right?" I was stunned by the curiosity, and answered the question like any good parent that didn't know the answer to a question... because that's just the way it is.


Not satisfied with the answer I gave, I decided to do some research- Okay back in the 19th century, indoor plumbing was very new and water faucets were actually cold water hand pumps. Since most people back then were right handed (still true today) the pumps were placed on the right hand side of the sink for easy operation (I know the poor lefty's!). Anyway, fast forward to the introduction of on demand hot water... and the only space available on sinks was on the left. Hence, the plumbing "Hot on the left, and cold on the right" standard was born.


I know, I Know... A pretty lackluster answer to a profound question by my 3-year-old son...I share all of this with you because someday you may face a plumbing challenge, and call on the expertise of an Austin Plumbing Company Smell Good Plumber to provide you answers and find solutions. Rest assured, regardless of the plumbing challenges you face or questions you have, we can help!


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