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Water Conditioning and filtration services

Providing clean, tasty, safe water to Waukesha and Washington County for over 80 years



Our service area of Waukesha and Washington County, WI is rich in water that is rich in minerals. One unique trait of our area is that the majority of water (even city water) comes from well water. Well water and private wells contain many more minerals than typical city water which is drawn from lakes, rivers and streams. When some of the unique water quality challenges that our market faces are corrected, your private well will provide you and your family with clean, tasty, and safe drinking and bathing water.


The team at Austin Plumbing Company has been turning "smells like gym shoe" water, "looks like swamp run-off" water, and "tastes like chemical soup" city water into a tall glass of something you'll love and trust for generations. Tens of thousands of your neighbors have turned to the Team at Austin Plumbing to help them get cleaner, clearer, and better tasting water by solving these and many more water challenges through the service and repair of water softeners, iron removal systems, reverse osmossis systems, and water filters. 


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