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If your water system is powered by a private well, you can rely on Team Austin to keep your well pump, pressure tank and well system working in perfect harmony. For over 80 years, our team has been solving well and pump problems and serving the well and pump needs of area residents in Richfield, Hubertus, Menomonee Falls and surrounding areas from our Germantown location and Delafield, Brookfield, Oconomowoc, Dousman, and Wales from our Hartland location. So, no matter where you live in Waukesha or Washington County, well and pump expert near by.

Submersible Well Pump Repair

Inside water wells throughout southeastern Wisconsin is a submersible well pump. This pump is responsible for pumping water out of the well and into your homes pressure tank. Submersible well pumps are by far the most common pump we run into and are sometimes known as deep well pumps. Often times we're able to make repairs on a water pump system without entering the well or pulling the pump, but in some cases the well pump will need to be pulled from the well to be repaired or replaced. If you're having water system challenges and have a submersible well pump, call Austin Plumbing today to help diagnose the well pump problem.


Well Pump Replacement and Installations

Should you ever need a replacement well pump, the team at Austin Plumbing Company is standing by to deliver fast and expert well pump replacement and installation. Our well pump service trucks are fully stocked with all of the most common sizes of replacement water pumps and all of the accessories required to complete most installations in one trip. From the initial well pump troubleshooting and diagnostics to complete well system and well pump replacement, the team at Austin Plumbing Company will have your well back pumping water in no time at all.


Signs your well pump may need service

No water- The most common symptom of a water well or well pump problem is discovering that you have no water coming out of the taps in your home. Sometimes described by clients as very poor water pressure, this reduction in the water your well pump is pumping may indicate that your well or pump requires service or repairs.

Noisy well pump- As a well pump ages, sometimes the amount of noise it makes while pumping can increase. If you have been noticing that your well pump is making more noise than it used to you should schedule a service call with Team Austin today.

Pressure tank is short cycling- If your well pump is turning on and off frequently or every time you're using water this may indicate that your well pump and pressure tank are not working in sync with each other. Read more about pressure tank services here.

Constant Pressure Well Systems

A popular improvement to existing well systems is the installation of a constant pressure well pump. Unlike traditional well pumps that typically turn on at 40PSI and shut off at 60PSI leaving a 20-pound swing in pressure, constant pressure well pumps deliver water at a set pressure (typically 60 pounds) so you get maximum water pressure in your home at all times. To find out if a constant pressure well pump system is a good solution for your well system, call 262-367-3808 or book well service online.


Well Tank Service, Repairs, and Replacements

The inside portion of the well system is commonly known as a pressure tank. This tank holds and stores water to be used during pumping cycles of the well pump. Some well pump failures are caused by a faulty pressure tank. More about well pressure tank service and replacement.


Poor Water Pressure

Sometimes the pressure provided by a well pump leaves a lot to be desired for well owners. Austin Plumbing has been solving poor water pressure problems for Waukesha and Washington County for over 80 years. There are many different causes of poor water pressure. Sometimes it's plumbing related and sometimes it's well, well pump, or pressure tank related. The key to better water pressure is making sure the plumber who is diagnosing the problem and performing the repairs to well system knows exactly what they are doing. Call Austin Plumbing Company today at 262-367-3808 or book well service online.


Well Inspections

A part of most real estate transactions for Wisconsin homes with a well system is the requirement of a well inspection. This inspection is to ensure that the well is safe to operate and appears to meet code based on when the well was installed or when major work to the well and pressure tank was completed. An accurate well inspection is important to protect both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction so that both parties are on the same page with the condition of the water well system. When you trust Team Austin to perform your well inspection, you can be assured that you will get a thorough and complete well system inspection.


Well Water Testing

Having clean and safe water to drink is a major concern of most well owners. The best way to ensure your well water is safe to drink is to have a well water test performed annually. The process to take a well water sample is very simple. We come out to the home and collect a water sample from the well using the pressure tank tap. After collecting the sample, we send it in to a state certified laboratory for evaluation. After the lab tests the water, they email the water test results for all of the tests that we request them to run. The most common things to test well water for are bacteria, arsenic, and nitrates.


Why choose Austin Plumbing for water well services, well pump services, or well pump replacement and installation?

  • We are local- With a shop in Germantown, Wisconsin as well as Hartland, Wisconsin, you know that there is always a well pump repair plumber near you. Plus being local and in the same area for over 80 years means our team has experiences working on all types of water wells in the market.
  • Fast well pump repairs and replacements- Water is critical, and if your well pump isn't working, we know how much of an inconvenience that can be to you and your family. You can trust Team Austin to respond promptly to your well pump emergency and be prepared with the equipment, materials and people to be able to swiftly perform water well services and well pump repairs.
  • Fully stocked well service trucks- Our plumbing and well service trucks are fully stocked to be able to perform most well pump repairs and replacements on the same trip. This saves you time, money and frustration. On board of our warehouse on wheels are pressure tanks, well pump control boxes, well pumps, and all of the other water well system components that commonly fail and cause well pump failure.
  • We're a highly reviewed water well service and well pump repair and replacement contractor. When you're searching for water well and pump service near you, you're also likely looking for a contractor that has some reviews. Over our many years in business we have earned the reviews of thousands of clients. Here are some water well service reviews for you to consider.

The well pump plumbers at Austin Plumbing have vast well and pump capabilities and can assist you with just about anything well and pump related. To book any of the following services, please call 262-367-3808 or request well pump service here.


Here are some of the most common problems Team Austin can solve for area well owners:

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