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Soft Water Systems

We turn hard as a rock water into baby bottom soft water.


When you shower in baby bottom soft water, you'll be a better looking, younger feeling, more energetic and more fit version of yourself, plus, you'll grow Hollywood quality hair!


While none of the above are actual benefits to soft water, what is true is that Austin Plumbing has been solving the hard water challenges that Hartland, Delafield, Oconomowoc, Colgate, Germantown, Richfield, Brookfield, Elm Grove, and surrounding Waukesha and Washington County cities have faced for over 3 generations.


Wisconsin, specifically our market in Wisconsin, has some of the hardest water in the entire US! The two major culprits that contribute to "HARD" water are calcium and magnesium. These minerals are picked up by the water as it passes through the limestone formations in the geology within our area. When these two elements are left in the water, they will cause major issues with your plumbing system.


Hard water contributes to water heater failures, dishwashers failing or not cleaning well, soaps and detergents not working, and plumbing fixture leakage and failure.


Team Austin specializes in the time-tested solution to hard water and can design and install a soft water system or water softener that is matched to your water quality, your home and your budget.


Why Choose Austin Plumbing For Your Water Softener Services?

  • We're Local- Water is different from town to town, county to county, and state to state, so it's critical that you trust your home's water quality to a local professional. There is no one size fits all solution to solving hard and other water problems.
  • We're Experienced- Not only are we local, but we have been local for over 80 years. Experience is a major advantage when it comes to knowing how to solve hard problems that are unique to our market.
  • We're Plumbers- This is something that not all water conditioning companies can say. When you trust your home's water system to Team Austin, you know that you are backed by a true plumbing company that can address all of the plumbing related challenges that you face, not just your soft water system.

What brand is the best water softener?

Over the years, water softener franchises have given their best efforts to create the illusion that the brand of equipment selected matters in the overall quality of your water filtration. Many of the major manufacturers and water conditioning franchises (Soft Water, Rain Soft, Water Rite, Culligan, Zerosoft, Kentico) source the major components that make up a water softener system and filter bed materials from the same very narrow group of manufacturers and suppliers. It's because the components are basically the same from brand to brand that we have seen no correlation in quality or life expectancy from one brand vs. the next. We have however found that the proper design and sizing of your soft water system will play a major roll in the life expectancy and user experience of the water conditioning system.


What to look for in a water softener?

Water hardness is a local problem, which is why it's important to select a local company with local manufacturing. Our water conditioning equipment is built in Madison, Wisconsin by a company who has been building water softening equipment and providing soft water to Wisconsin since 1936.


Saltless water softeners

The term saltless water softener is really a play on words because without salt, you can't make water soft. What saltless water softeners really are is a device that attempts to change the physical properties of the water to make it feel like soft water. There certainly are benefits to these types of water conditioning systems. To find out if a saltless water softener is the right solution for your water needs, call Team Austin today!


If I buy my own water softener, will you install it?

We will happily install an owner supplied water softener or water conditioning system. However, there are some major downsides to equipment purchased on the internet and in home improvement stores, such as serviceability and the design of the equipment for the uniqueness of our water.


How long does a water softener last?

That's a great question! Of course, incoming water quality and water usage are a major determining factor in the life of a water softener, but think of it like this: The stuff inside the water softener that does the softening is called media. This media is much like a sponge and when the softener goes to regenerate, that is the process of cleaning the sponge. When the machine is new and the sponges are new, they clean up great. But each time just a little bit of dirt is left in the sponge. Over time this builds up, and no matter how many times you try to clean the sponge, it just won't get clean. Your water softener is much the same way. When properly designed, applied and installed, a softener should provide you with trouble free operation for many years.


Should I rent my water softener?

If the overall cost of a soft water system is a concern for you than we would advise against renting a water softner. If you rent a water softener for its entire useful life, you could have bought 2, maybe 3 softeners in the same time period.


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