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Water Heater Maintenance 


The key to making your water heater last longer


There is no doubt that things are not made quite like they used to be, but that doesn't mean that you can't get the 10+ years you deserve from a water heater. Annual maintenance is required by all water heater manufacturers because they know how critical it is to extending the life of your heater.


The importance of water heater maintenance


Each manufacturer of water heaters has their specific annual maintenance items. We find that most manufactures want the following tested, inspected or adjusted:

  • Temperature and pressure relief valve- This is a critical safety component of the heater that should be getting tested annually.
  • Anode rod- This is a consumable and sacrificial piece of the water heater that deteriorates over time. When it's gone, the water will begin to deteriorate the water heater tank, so it's important to monitor the condition of the anode rod to prolong the life of the heater.
  • Sediment removal- During normal use, sediment builds up on the bottom on your hot water tank which makes the unit inefficient and more prone to leaking. This sediment should be flushed out annually.
  • Combustion chamber, gas piping & exhaust- Because of the carbon monoxide risk associated with all gas appliances, a thorough inspection of the combustion chamber and associated gas pipe should be done for safety annually.
  • Water pressure- Water pressure can fluctuate and if it gets higher than the maximum water pressure allowed (80 PSI), your water heater is destined for a short life. Your home's water pressure should be tested annually to make sure it's under the code maximum.

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