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Water Heater repair and replacement

No hot water? Gas, electric, and tankless water heater repair and replacement experts. Serving all of Waukesha and Southern Washington County with same day water heater service. Call Today!

Did you wake up to a cold shower this morning? Maybe it's a regular occurrence at your house. Whether it's an old water heater that gives you a rush of frigid water any time someone turns on the washing machine or the heartbreak of finding your water heater gushing like "Old Faithful" all over your basement, we can help.


At Austin Plumbing, our certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to distinguish between a water heater that may just need repair and one that is on its way to retirement. If it is time for a new unit, we'll explain the different types of water heaters available and help you determine which one is the best fit for your family, home, and budget.


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  • Gas Water Heater repairs and replacement
  • Tankless water heater repairs and replacement
  • Electric water heater repairs and replacement


Four Basic Types of Water Heaters

Tank-less Water Heater

If you want your hot water to never run out, the tank-less water heater may be the best choice for you. This option will provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water for your entire shower-taking, faucet running and laundry day needs. On top of that, it's also the most energy efficient system on the market.


Natural Gas Tank Type Water Heater

Most homes in Waukesha County and the lake country area have a natural gas tank type water heater. These water heaters are common because they are a cost-effective and reliable way to heat the water your family requires. Natural Gas heaters are preferred over electric heaters because of the 40% quicker regeneration rate.


Electric Tank Type Water Heater

Most electric water heaters are installed because either natural gas isn't available or there is some other limitation in the home that would prevent the use of natural gas water heating. In either circumstance, electric makes a reasonable alternative to natural gas


Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters can be a great way to go green while effectively heating the water that you use on a daily basis. By using the sun's energy to heat the water in your home, you can reduce your hot water energy bill by up to 90%! For more facts on the benefits of solar water heaters, visit the Department of Energy's Solar Water Heaters page.