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Iron Filters and Iron Removal Systems

Sometimes called Iron Curtains, Iron Curtain Systems, Iron Filters or Iron Removal Systems, this piece of equipment often goes hand-in-hand with well water. High iron content plagues the water of thousands of Washington and Waukesha County homes. The amount of iron in Waukesha and Washington County well water seems to depend on where you live and the characteristics of your well, including its depth. One thing is for sure, if you have high iron in your water, you will know it!


Warning signs you have high iron or your existing iron filter or iron curtain isn't working

Red staining- Iron will stain your plumbing fixtures, your clothes and your home red! The worst part of an iron stain is once something is fouled with iron, it's very difficult to remove the stain.


Smelly water- Rotten egg, gym shoes and sulfur... there are many ways to describe the unpleasant smell of iron laden water. If any of these words describe your water, you need to call Team Austin.


Poor water pressure- The red stains the iron leaves on all your plumbing fixtures and house is happening inside the piping as well... but even worse. Over years, this chalky red substance builds up inside the home's piping and will plug off water flow causing you poor water pressure. If you have noticed poor water pressure lately, it could be because of a broken-down iron filter.

Iron filter for well water

Some iron filters are designed to remove a minor amount of iron found in city water supplies. The wells in our market typically have more iron than what a basic iron filter can handle. The best way to determine what type of iron filter is best for your well water is have a water expert from Austin Plumbing Company out to your home for a water analysis. This will allow us to test your well water and determine what type of iron filter would be best for you.

Iron filter service and repairs

Iron filters are filtering out and handling a lot of the iron debris from your homes water system. Over time, iron filters wear out and certain components of the iron filter need to be serviced. Some examples of when your iron filter is ready for service include:


Iron bleed through- When you have an iron filter in your home and you're noticing red staining, this is a sign that your iron filter requires service.


Iron filter drain is constantly running or dripping- During the cleaning process, your iron filter is backwashing into your floor drain or sometimes a laundry sink. The iron filter drain line is used to carry water from the iron filter to the point of drain. There should only be water running out of the drain during a regeneration cycle. So, if you notice constant dripping from your iron filter drain, you need service.


Poor water pressure- As your iron curtain or iron filter starts to plug with iron, the water pressure in the house will start to suffer. If you have an iron filter and poor water pressure, this is a good indication it's time to schedule some service for your iron filter.


Iron filter and iron removal system installation

When it comes to selecting a water conditioning contractor to install a new iron filter for you home, you're in great hands with Team Austin. Our iron filter installation services ensure that the iron removal system is designed right for the exact type of iron that is in your water and that it is sized correctly for your home. All iron filters are installed by licensed plumbers and we adhere to all Wisconsin plumbing codes, so you're guaranteed your iron filter is installed properly. Both our Germantown and Hartland locations are stocked with iron removal systems to treat just about any type of water.


Iron filters for sprinkler systems

Many homes with irrigation systems and sprinkler systems fight iron staining on the sides of homes and sidewalks because of high iron content in the well water. Austin Plumbing has been helping homeowners remove iron from their sprinkler and irrigation systems for generations through the design and installation of high-capacity iron removal systems.


To schedule service on your iron removal system or to see if your water can benefit from an iron curtain or iron elimination filter, call 262-367-3808.  Book iron filter services online